Stroke victim had long list of ailments
Family doctor cites chronic pain, anxiety
Cal Millar
staff reporter
A woman who died from a stroke after chiropractic neck manipulation had experienced chronic pain, headaches and anxiety for years, an inquest jury was told yesterday.

The jury was also told Lana Dale Lewis made no complaints to doctors about neck pain between the April 26, 1996 chiropractic treatment and her death 17 days later.

The testimony came from Dr. Harvey Knapp, a family physician who had treated Lewis, 45, the mother of three children, for more than 15 years.

Knapp said there was a family history of high blood pressure and Lewis had been sexually abused as a child and beaten by her father and ex-husband.

"She was in chronic pain, chronic anxiety, had headaches and hypertension that was not under control," he said, when asked to describe her condition leading up to her death.

Relatives of Lewis, who demanded the public hearing into the death, are hoping to prove a neck adjustment performed by chiropractor Philip Emanuele damaged the woman's vertebral artery and caused a stroke.

Lawyers representing members of the Canadian Chiropractic Association and others associated with the chiropractic community questioned Knapp in hopes of convincing the jury that Lewis died from natural causes.

Reading from a medical file dating back to 1984, Knapp said Lewis discussed headaches, spousal abuse, weight, hypertension and smoking.

"I don't recall her complaining of neck pain and I haven't written about it," he said, referring to Lewis's visit to his office a few days after her stroke.

Meanwhile, Dr. Murray Katz, a physician who represented the Lewis family before his standing at the inquest was revoked a year ago, has requested Toronto police investigate the theft of documents related to the Lewis case.

Katz said someone used a wiretap or hacked into his computer to steal private material about the Lewis case and two others.

Coroner Dr. Barry McLellan said the police probe will not interfere with the inquest and he will still allow the material to be presented.

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