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    S-015 Standards of Practice proposed by CCO

    The College of Chiropractors of Ontario have proposed an update to their previous Standards of Practice in regards to immunizations. S-015 was circulated for comment to all chiropractors in Ontario last year, and was passed on February 10, 2004, pending the acceptance of the minutes by the full executive committee in April 2004.

    The lastest version provides for some very stiff fines and possible removal from the registry if chiropractors do not comply. But, there is one strange thing about this all. Why didn't the committee put in a statement that chiropractors must approve of immunizations if asked. The way it reads could actually prohibit a chiropractor from saying anything to their patients, pro or con.

    If anyone knows what was going on inside the CCO and would care to comment, please do.

    Who's misleading who on flu shot's need, effectiveness?


    Peterborough Times Weekly
    February 11, 2004
    I recently saw a large banner above a local "big box" store's car repair garage advertising, "Immunization for your car...get the 'flu shot' to protect your car against rust". The ad shows a medical doctor menacingly holding up a large syringe.

    Is it just me or is this flu shot hype getting a little out of hand?

    I know full well I will probably get an earful from pro-vaccination boosters once this goes to print but I can no longer hold my tongue. As I write this, the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO) is considering not allowing its members to say anything about vaccines since voicing concern about the negative effects may "sway" their patients.

    According to Health Canada, such information is misleading people and jeopardizing public health.

    The question I pose to the public is who is misleading who?

    First, did you know that all vaccinations in Canada are not mandatory? Most people think that they need it for work or that their children can't go to school without vaccinations. This is not only untrue and infringes on your constitutional rights but public health officials still continue to tell patients they or their children need to have routine vaccinations rather than it being a choice you decide upon.

    Second, how many times have you been told about the negative effects of vaccines? Somehow this is conveniently hidden from public knowledge unless one knows where to find this information.

    Third, who's kidding who when we are told it's a "free" flu shot? Your tax dollars pay for the purchasing, administering, and marketing of all vaccines.

    Chiropractors are pro-information and want to let their patients know they have a choice regarding any procedure done to them and that all risks should be fully disclosed, as is already mandatory in the chiropractic profession, and that informed consent should be the only way health care workers can administer such vaccines.

    When you roll up your sleeves you are consenting to the procedure but you may not have been fully informed of all you should know.

    With regard to the flu vaccine, reactions do occur and, although experts say you can't get the flu from the vaccine, up to 49 per cent of people experience systemic reactions after a shot that are similar to having the flu itself.

    The flu vaccine's effectiveness is not really known. One source stated more than $40 million health care dollars were spent on a campaign that was only 14 per cent effective and even that percentage is questionable.

    If the vaccine is really that effective, why are most outbreaks occurring in seniors' residences where supposedly everyone, including their health care workers, is vaccinated?

    The chance of getting the flu has more to do with a person's health status rather than the absence or presence of a vaccination yet the campaign clearly sways the public into thinking you are "protecting you and your loved ones" by getting this vaccine. Statistically, you are more likely to avoid the flu if you took nothing at all. The only way to get natural and permanent immunity to a strain of the flu virus is to recover naturally.

    So far in Peterborough, there have been at least 12 deaths due to flu-related causes -- 11 seniors and one child. The local health unit wouldn't disclose if these people were vaccinated or not for confidentiality reasons. My guess is at least all the seniors probably were. How effective is this shot then? Instead of vaccinating already immune-compromised seniors in nursing homes, what about more efforts at better nutrition and medication alternatives, such as herbs and daily vitamin supplements? This way, should they get the flu, they have a much better chance of recovering naturally. What a concept!

    Recently, the New York Times (Jan. 10, 2004) reported Dr. Lawrence Altman , the dean of American medical writers, stated 93 children had died in the U.S. from the flu during the winter season. Of those children, 60 had been vaccinated for the flu. He comments, "The disease control agency (CDC) recommends a flu vaccination for all healthy children 6 months and older". That doesn't make sense. If two-thirds of these children died despite having the vaccination, why would this medical doctor advocate it? This is neither logical nor proper science.

    Further, there are potential dangers to the flu vaccine. Dr. Hugh Fudenberg , one of the world's leading immunogeneticists, states the chances of getting Alzheimer disease is 10 times higher if an individual has five consecutive shots than if they have one, two or no shots. This is likely due to the thimerosol (a mercury-derived preservative) and aluminum content of the vaccine.

    People need to know that vaccination in general is still a questionable science. If vaccines were as safe as claimed to be, why has the U.S. government's compensation program paid out more than $2 billion dollars to families of vaccine-injured children (if your child dies due to a vaccine, you are automatically paid $250,000)? Quebec has a similar program. One can't help but surmise the strong campaigns to push vaccines are rooted in the profit margins of pharmaceutical giants.

    As a health care provider, I have a duty to educate my patients to the best of my ability. The word "doctor" comes from the Latin "to teach". As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I will never tell a patient "do this or do not do that" with respect to vaccination because this is clearly my opinion formulated from years of reading and research.

    Instead, I leave you with this information for the purpose of prompting you to embark on your own further research. Then you can make the best informed decision for yourself and your children.

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