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Stop neck manipulation
Thursday May 2, 2002
Elizabeth Guilhauman

I read with interest the April 27 article: Stroke Victim Blames Chiropractic Neck Adjustment For His Condition.

I believe I am also a victim of a chiropractic neck manipulation.

I have been a very active person. I have driven a standard 72-passenger school bus, had a stand at the Waterloo farmers' market selling my crafts, sang in the philharmonic choir, went bike riding, hiking, camping, travelling and whatever I wanted to do, I was able to do it.

Going to my chiropractor in 1992 and having my spine straightened at his recommendation changed all that.

I became an invalid. I cannot do the work I so much loved. I can't visit my grandchildren in Germany and my social life stopped.

I highly recommend the practice of neck manipulation be stopped. My quality of life is pitiful since that day in July 1992.

I am still in therapy and if I can help it, I don't want anybody else to go through what I am going through.

Elizabeth Guilhauman



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