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  • Letter to the Canadian Chiropractic Association

    What is the relationship between
    the CCA and

    February 2, 2001

    Dear CCA:

    Scores of recently graduated Canadian chiropractors claim to be pediatric chiropractors. I can not find any links or references on your web site to tell me what that means.

    Tens of thousands of chiropractors across North America see infants and children very day. They promote their practice as "primary care" professionals.

    If a chiropractor treats an infant for a 105 F degree fever, and that infant dies from misdiagnosis, who is liable?

    Why doesn't the CCA site have anything to say about this? There is not a single page on your web site devoted to this, yet thousands of your members treat infants and children.

    I noticed that your major sponsor is now

    The Chiroclinix web site contain many links that make clear statements about the treatment of infants and children. They contain references to therapeutic touch, homeopathy and other questionable treatments and procedures.

    What is the exact relationship between the CCA and

    I know that your former executive director Ed Barisa is on their advisory board. Does this matter to the CCA?

    Pran Manga is also on their editorial board. He authored the famous Manga Report that many chiropractors use to justify what they do.

    David Chapman-Smith, an attorney, is also on their board of directors. Does he serve now, or has he ever served as the legal advisor to the CCA? displays the CCA logo on their site. Did you agree to this? Do they pay you to have their banners on your site?

    Please respond as soon as you can. The public has a right to know if the CCA is behind this, or supports the goals of in the promotion of pediatric chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy, therapeutic touch and other modalities that have never fallen under the official scope of chiropractic.

    Terry Polevoy

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