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Mother demands changes to chiropractic care
Last Updated: Apr 30 2004 03:29 PM CDT

REGINA - A woman whose daughter died after chiropractic treatment wants the country's health leaders to put a stop to manipulations of the upper neck.

Sharon Mathiason's daughter, Laurie Jean, suffered a massive stroke moments after receiving chiropractic treatment, six years ago.

Sharon Mathiason
"They twisted her neck and they gave her a stroke, causing a rupture in the left vertebral artery, which comes up through the spinal column," Mathiason explains.

"People who are hurt this way ultimately die a violent, horrible death."

Mathiason went to the provincial legislature in Regina on Friday to ask Saskatchewan's health minister to consider a moratorium on high neck manipulations until further study is done.

John Nilson says he supports ongoing studies, but he does not have enough information to order a moratorium on the practice at this time. He says he won't have a decision on the issue for at least six months.

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