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Open Letter to Dr. Lorna Marsden,
President of York University

From: Ottawa area pediatricians and family doctors
Subject: Protest over CMCC affiliation with York University
Date: October 7, 1999

 Dear President Marsden:

 As a group of Ottawa pediatricians we wish to express to you our disbelief that York University would entertain the idea of an affiliation with the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. What does this say about the academic reputation of York University?

 Do you wish York University to teach that ALL babies have bones out of place in their back and that parents should bring their baby to a chiropractor right after they are born? This is the official claim of the graduates of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

 In case you hear the excuse that this is a small part of chiropractic, did you know that in Ontario alone, it is a twenty-five million dollar a year business?

Look at the facts, stop accepting explanations and excuses.

 After after all those years of learning, what do chiropractors believe and indeed practice? Read the official website of the Ontario Chiropractic Association at www.chiropractic.on.ca

What is the scientific basis for their recommendations?

 Do you wish York University to teach that just about everyone has so-called "subluxations" in their spines and that these can cause everything from colic in babies to high blood pressure in adults? Do we wish York to teach that X-rays show subluxations in the spine and that these are corrected by making a cracking sound in the spinal column, a so-called "adjustment"

This idea has been condemned by the Chiefs of Pediatrics of our hospitals and by radiologists across Canada.

Do we wish York University to teach that immunization is a matter of free choice when immunization is the single most important measure that mankind has taken to save lives throughout the world? 

Did you buy the excuse that THEY don't believe this?

 Please be more inquisitive. Why are people who are supposed to be treating low back pain in adults even talking about childhood immunization?

 There should be no doubt that an essential part of chiropractic is the false belief that spinal manipulation can be used to treat infants and children for an entire gamut of childhood illness. The sanction of a university degree would only serve to mislead parents as to what is being claimed by "doctorate" graduates of York University. That York University should award its highest status of academic teaching to what is basically quackery is unbelievable.

 You have already heard what the Chiefs of Pediatrics had to say and what the Canadian Pediatric Society stated to York University. We are asking you as individual professionals and citizens of Ontario, vitally concerned with the health of children to have your personal assurance that the proposed affiliation between the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and York University will not proceed.

Can we have assurance that you will stand up and stop this process?

Leadership is required - show it. 

Yours truly,

Signed by Ottawa area pediatricians and family doctors

  • Victor Marchessault
  • Mark Bialik
  • Mike Richler
  • Manfred Lapner
  • Nuala O'Kelly
  • Joanna Joblanska
  • Matthew Joseph
  • Eva Deri
  • Barrett Adams
  • Wing Pang
  • Sid Kardash
  • James McConville
  • Dans Dy
  • Davie Huot