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    Multiple Sclerosis claims supported by
    Colorado Board of Chiropractic Examiners

    Erin Elster says,

    "I can treat your Multiple Sclerosis with Upper Cervical Manipulation"

    This remarkable chiropractor is referred to in an article published by the Boulder Daily Camera as a physician who treats Multiple Sclerosis by using precise instruments to manipulate the upper cervical neck area. She also claims to successfully treat allergies, alleviates 80% of the symptoms of patients with Parkinsons' disease, and more. Don't forget she has an undergraduate degree in art history, and graduated from Palmer Chiropractic in Iowa. Her web site lists at least 40 health problems that she can treat in her practice, including attention deficit disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome, indigestion and ulcers. She sees people of all ages in her practice, from children to seniors.

  • The Colorado State Board of Chiropractic Examiners - clearly states that chiropractors can not make false statements about the diseases that they can treat.

    I can't find a single neurologist who agrees with State Board of Chiropractors' decision to uphold her practice promotion. If anyone has anything to say about this promotion, they can contact the Board themselves.

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