Astrid Trim says infants are mostly cartilage"

Astrid Trim, a Mississauga chiropractor made that statement when she was interviewed on the CBC radio news show called This Weekend on Saturday, February 5, 2000. The link is at:
  • - the segment starts at 9:15 minutes.
  • This Weekend begins with a story about a baby named Nathan who was taken to the chiropractor before he was born. His mother feels that pediatric chiropractic can help. But can it really?

    Professor Stanley Jeffers at York was asked about his opinion of pediatric chiropractic. Stan is leading the battle against the move of CMCC to York University.

    Grosskurth then called Fresno, California to interview Claudia Anrig-Howe, the editor of the definitive Pediatric Chiropractic - Anrig-HoweTextbook of Pediatric Chiropractic that is used by students at CMCC, and who goes around the world spewing forth her wisdom about infants, pregnant mothers, et. al. She said that youngsters "benefit the most" from chiropractic.

    If you want to see what a Sarnia, Ontario chiropractic clinic says about Claudia, just click here.

    Heads up Murray, she's headed for Montreal with the pediatric chiropractic road team. Are they going to allow her to lecture in Quebec? Will she pay income tax? Who is funding her ICPA

    Astrid Trim, is a very young chiropractor who spends 30% of her time tweeking little wee necks and backs. Her interview showed just shallow her knowledge of pediatrics actually is.

    I suggest that anyone who would like to speak with her about her statements or qualifications call her office and ask her to call you back.

    This is the Yellow Page link I found on-line:
    Astrid Trim
    20 Kingsbridge Garden Cir 
    Mississauga, Ontario L5R 3K7
    (905) 712-1939

    This is her listing as faculty member of CMCC Trim, Astrid BSc University of Waterloo, 1987 DC CMCC, 1991 FCCSS(C), 1995 Assistant Professor

    Does anyone know what FCCSS(C) means?

    Why not tell her you have a pediatric emergency, maybe you are pregnant with septuplets, and see if she can make it to your delivery at home next month. That should really get her adrenaline going, sans ma huang, of course. Maybe she can bring the reporter who interviewed her for the CBC. What we need is more reality radio.

    Trim was busy checking the pelvis of an infant when the interview started. She said that not enough time at "the college" was spent on pediatrics, and that the reason that pediatric chiropractic may have a bad name with some people, is because there are those "chiropractors" out there who are poorly trained and basically don't know what they are doing.

    Now where does that put Trim? It's not a pretty picture, any way you look at it. Baby's are being manipulated, parents are being manipulated, the government has been had.

    I guess her stint at CMCC wasn't quite long enough, eh?

    (I guess this link to their curriculum will even turn up less then zero exposure to children at CMCC).

    She made this absolutely unbelievable statement. "Children are mostly cartilage". She said that she had to use her finger tips and you must be careful. Where did she learn about all those teenie tiny little bones anyway?

    She also said that medical doctors have lack of understanding of chiropractic pediatrics. She said that many doctors refer to her. It's the patient's choice she said.

    It is reported that Trim graduated with a B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo in biochemistry. I thought that the U. of W. graduated people who would be most likely to follow scientific principles, not some mumbo jumbo learned at weekend courses at an airport hotel or resort in Florida, Las Vegas, or Atlanta. If the chirowizards who flog pediatric crapola at these courses as if it were true would only tell the truth, we wouldn't have this problem now. At the present time, it won't happen, unless or until the government and insurance companies stop paying for it.

    What happens here is that thousands of chiropractors graduate each year across North America, and there are only enough sore backs to go around, and most of them are not only flat broke, but some of them owe hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have one of the highest default rates of loans in the U.S. of any health professional student.

    They need something desperately to hang their hats on, so they start taking courses, and pay dearly for them. Then they are so pumped up that the go overboard to recruit new suckers into their pediatric practices.

    I have first hand experience with listening to the screams of pediatric patients who are being treated by chiropractors, so this may be just personal bias here. However, there is absolutely no evidence, scientific or otherwise that pediatric chiropractors know what the hell they are doing, not before the courses were organized, and not since many thousands have graduated. Pediatric chiropratic is dangerous, their aim is to defraud the public, to spread rumours about bad vaccines, and to disrupt the treatment of infants and children by medical doctors, and public health officials. This had been clearly demonstrated by across the country.

    Chiropractors who treat the unborn, the newborn, young infants and children have missed serious pathology. They have delayed diagnosis, they have disuaded thousands of parents to disregard sound medical and public health advice. They would be sued for malpractice if they were medical doctors if the did and said to the patients, exactly what they learn in those weekend courses a the Novatel in Toronto.

    The only thing that has changed is the fact that people have been convinced that pediatric chiropractic is a specialty, and that have the power to move mountains, to cure CP, to treat ADHD, etc. None of this is true, it is a complete lie and fabrication by a profession that loves to bend the truth, as long as it's paid for by the government or by insurance companies.

    Why does the government fund chiropractic pediatric quackery?

    The CBC reporter continued the interview with the former head of the Alberta Society of Radiologists at the Royal Alexandra Hosp. in Edmonton. He told about the boycott of chiropractic x-ray requests for children.

    Then finally he went back to Trim's office and discussed the total cost paid by provincial medicare funds for kids last year. He said it was $18 million, and we all know that it's just the tip of the iceberg.

    I've attended lectures by chiropractors who brag about how much that they bill for newborn infants to have thermograms, and/or SEMG's and who are in practice with medical doctors.

    Why are medical doctors in practice with pediatric chiropractors?

    When will this scam be stopped.

    OHIP in Ontario has just cut 20% of the income of some medical specialists because cryotherapy can not be billed for patients who have acne vulgaris. It was deemed to be "cosmetic". If OHIP can slash the income of medical doctors who treat adolescents for a potentially deforming condition, why don't they cut all of pediatric chiropractic care and let's see if private insurance companies will do the same.

    One insurance company in Elmira, RWAN, pays for quack nutritional assessements, but won't pay for a registered dietician's advice and consultation in a medical doctor's office. What really pisses me off is that they pay for a totally quacko wacko RNC who works with a chiropractor in Waterloo.

    The web site supported by Waterloo chiropractor Michael Beattie clearly indicates how he and the good majority of chiropractors feel about pediatrics. They flaunt it, they promote it, and they will not stop it without a major change in government policy.

    Why does the government fund pediatric chiropractic care?

    Why the hell does the College of Chiropractors of Ontario refuse to take a pro-active stance against the cult of pediatric chiropractic?

    Patients are not being protected from the actions of those who have no credentials, who have little or no academic training in pediatrics, who have never set foot inside a pediatrician's office or hospital corridor where pediatric care is being delivered. They know nothing about pediatric diagnosis or disease. They say it's all in the crooked spine. Give me a break!

    I would like to suggest that those of you who can do something about misinformation to forward any publications, advertising, and attend talks by pediatric chiropractors. Make recordings and take notes.

    We'd also like to hear from patients who have been hoodwinked by pediatric chiropractors, or who may have been injured by their care. This includes being x-rayed for no reason, including children.

    Report new pediatric chiropractic sites to us and we will do our best to add them to our files.


    Important links

    • Steve Wainer's Pediatric Chiropractic - Alberta, Canada - this is an excellent commentary as to the irrationality of chiropractic pediatrics.
    • This prime issue around chiropractic (and other pseudosciences) is the adherence to a belief system. In the case of chiro. it is based on the theory that health is controlled through minimal spinal subluxations and their effect on spinal nerves. Because the entire "profession" rests on this theory it cannot be critically appraised by it's followers lest the whole thing fall down.
    • I want parents to choose between "conventional" medicine and the mumbo jumbo being offered by the chiropractor. If this is not made clear then I am tacitly collaborating in a treatment program that I know to be of no value and fraudulent.
    • I try to offer parents a clear understanding of a condition and its natural history, not cook up some nonsense about spinal nerve and subluxations.
    • Take a look at the chiropractic literature on colic and otitis (as examples) and see an incredible paucity of any studies. The studies on Medline are so woefully inadequate they are laughable (retrospective, anecdotal, uncontrolled, non-randomised, unblinded and so on).