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    Spin Doctors Spin Doctors

    Canadians visit chiropractors about thirty million times a year, and surveys show that patients are generally satisfied with them. But Paul Benedetti and Wayne MacPhail have another opinion. This book is available from and you won't regret the purchase. Remember, the cost of the book is in Canadian dollars, so you really will save a whole lot.

    Inside Chiropractic

    Sam Homola, D.C.
    Stephen Barrett, M.D.

    A practical guide that explores the facts and falsehoods of chiropractic. Homola is a retired chiropractor and author of a dozen books. He shows that, despite claims to the contrary, chiropractors do not qualify as primary-care physicians. He analyzes patient-education materials, gives self-examination tips to help consumers with back pain to decide if and when to see a chiropractor, and analyzes questionable techniques used to attract and treat patients.

    This is Sam Homola's latest book. What a relief to find a book that is an honest appraisal of how to treat the aches and pains of everyday living. If you are high on chiropractic, then this book should be on your shelf. Dr. Homola practiced for years as a chiropractor and his knowledge is based on those years of practice. Order it today

    Dr. Preston H. Long is THE expert. Consumers trust Andrew Weil for reliable information about alternative medicine, Dr. Bernie Siegel for inspiring words about mind-body connection, and Dr. Dean Ornish, for practical ways to keep their hearts healthy, but who the recognized authority on back care and the limits of chiropractic medicine?

    The X-ray cupboard is empty for Chiros in Alberta

    • Alberta Medical Association pediatricians testify before Standing Committee on Health - December 15, 1998 - The real issues are that the parents of Alberta's children are being told that their infants and children have so-called vertebral subluxations, when in fact they have nothing of the sort.
      • Parents are being told their children have unequal leg lengths an scoliosis (curvatures of the spine).
      • Parents are being told that their babies should be examined by a chiropractor as soon after birth as possible.
      • Parents are being made wary of immunizations and are told to rely on spinal adjustments instead.
      • Parents are being told that the diagnosis of an ear infection, colic, or a learning disorder starts with the spine and not the ear, the abdomen or the brain.
      • Chiropractic is a treatment in search of a disease.
    • Chiropractors, doctors slug it out - Edmonton Journal - December 16, 1998 - A bone-crunching political battle between the province's medical establishment and chiropractors raged before a government committee Tuesday. "..chiropractors are ordering and doing X-rays that have no use, exposing people -- especially children -- to the risk of cancer and strokes, and are diverting needed diagnostic dollars away from areas where they are really needed."
    • Alberta Society of Radiologists SAY NO: - The Alberta Society of Radiologists unanimously passed a motion at its annual meeting recently recommending that all Alberta radiologists refuse to give children under the age of 18 X-rays asked for by chiropractors. Alberta radiologists say recent examples of chiropractic patients suffering strokes after having their necks adjusted proves their decision to refuse children X-rays at the request of chiropractors is sound.

    Alberta Chiropractic News

    • Alberta Minister of Health slashes chiro. coverage - Following consultation with the College of Chiropractors of Alberta, Health Minister Shirley McClellan today announced changes in the annual per client funding limit for chiropractic services. This article is from 1995. It took Ontario another 4 years before they put a cap on chiropractic payments. Also not that Quebec pays nothing.
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