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Laurie Jean & Lana Dale Memorial Moratorium
April 30, 2004 - Across Canada press conferences were held by the families and their supporters to demand an immediate stop for all chiropractic high neck manipulations. The chiropractic regulators across Canada have failed to voluntarily halt this useless and dangerous procedure. There have been two inquests that found that the chiropractors were at fault. There have been numerous lawsuits over the years, and yet the procedures continue with the blessings of chiropractic associations and regulators. Governments that cover chiropractic still pay for this procedure. The families are supported by pediatricians, neurologists, and other experts who have seen the chiropractic regulators dance around any thought of meaningful self-regulation.
  • Press release - April 30, 2004
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    Spin Doctors
    The Chiropractic Industry Under Examination

    Paul Benedetti
    Wayne MacPhail

    Canadians visit chiropractors about thirty million times a year, and surveys show that patients are generally satisfied with them. But Paul Benedetti and Wayne MacPhail have another opinion. Their hard-hitting CANOE.CA web site called Spin Doctors I & II were instrumental in educating the public about the excesses of some chiropractors. This book took years to write, and it is a must read for anyone who plans to go for chiropractic treatment, or who pays for insurance that covers it.

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    Kentucky chiropractor sees empire crumble

    • Dr. Paul Hollern once headed a chiropractic empire receiving part of the profits of about 80 practitioners across the country who had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars each for his "Uncle Paul Chiropractic Business Training." But now Hollern is bankrupt and charged with health-care fraud for allegedly teaching young chiropractors to sell patients unnecessary services. A federal grand jury also charged Hollern in February with videotaping patients at his Louisville-area chiropractic offices without their knowledge, violating patient privacy law.

    Dallas accident clinic found guilty

    • Allstate Awarded $5.8 Million in Fraud Lawsuit against Texas's Largest Chiropractic Clinic A Dallas jury has ruled that Texas's largest chiropractic chain, Accident & Injury Pain Center, Inc., conspired in a statewide scheme designed to defraud Allstate Insurance Company and Encompass Insurance, an Allstate subsidiary. The Center, its related entities, and various chiropractors, osteopaths and medical doctors were found to have conspired to commit common law fraud by overtreatment and unnecessary referrals. The jury ordered them to pay $2.8 million in actual damages and $3 million in punitive damages.

    Halstead goes down for the count

    • Chiropractic "practice-builder" convicted of insurance fraud. A federal jury in Clarksburg, West Virginia has found Ronald L. Halstead, D.C., and two West Virginia chiropractors guilty of charges relating to a conspiracy to commit mail fraud and health care fraud. Halstead was found guilty of one count of conspiracy, 14 counts of health care fraud, and 11 counts of money laundering; and William C. Filcheck Jr. D.C., and Scott G. Taylor , D.C. were both found guilty of one count of conspiracy and 14 counts of health care fraud. A fourth defendant, Robert B. Burns, Jr., D.C., who owned the clinics in which the fraud took place, has been arrested in Ireland and is fighting to prevent extradition to face the charges. The scheme involved the submission of false claims to Medicare and private insurance companies for more than $2.8 million in order to evade payment limitations. Halstead has been teaching chiropractors how to boost their incomes for more than 20 years. A 1981 advertisement for his audiotaped practice-management course stated that he saw over 700 patients per week and had made nearly $800,000 in 1980 but, due to investments and "proper income tax planning," had paid no income tax for 7 consecutive years. Not long afterward, he was convicted of Medicaid fraud in Illinois. In 1982, he moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, where he operated Practice Systems, a practice-management firm that taught chiropractors how set up high-volume MD/DC practices for rehabilitating injured patients. During the 1990s, ads for his seminars boasted that many of his clients had increased their income by $50,000 per month and that a few were producing over $300,000 per month. The indictment noted that the chiropractors used scripts created by Halstead that were designed to (a) persuade new patients that they had serious spinal conditions, even if they did not; (b) persuade the patients that their "conditions" could be effectively treated by chiropractic manipulation and other means; and (c) overcome any objections the prospective patients had to the type, frequency, length, and cost of the proposed treatments. The clinic staff then followed protocols devised by Halstead to order treatment based on the scope of the patients' insurance coverage rather than their actual physical conditions and needs. Chirobase has posted Halstead's 1981 ad, samples of his scripts, a copy of the indictment, and further details about the case.
    • Original charges on DoD web site The defendants billed and/or caused to be billed Federal health care benefits programs in the name of medical doctors for more than $2.8 million for tests, treatments and other services when these services were actually provided by chiropractors. By falsely indicating the referenced medical services were performed by a medical doctor, when they were not, the defendants received reimbursement for services to which they were otherwise not entitled.

    Minneapolis chiros sued by insurers

    • Twin Cities chiropractic clinics accused of fraud Five national auto insurers sued five Twin Cities chiropractors Wednesday, accusing them of steering accident victims to their clinics and submitting more than $1 million in bogus insurance bills over two years. Court documents said the clinic owners used accident reports to find victims and then solicited them by phone to come to the clinics. The suit says the clinics also used "runners or cappers" to find and transport the victims to and from the chiropractors, a practice that became illegal in Minnesota this month. Some insurance executives said that Minnesota's fraud problem has been exacerbated by the lack of a state insurance-fraud investigation unit, as well as by the state's no-fault insurance system.

    Houston based scammers charged

    New Jersey Insurance fraud ring busted

    Prostitution rings and chiropractors

    • Kinky Therapy for Your Back - L.A. Times - May 3, 2002 Desperate times for chiropractors drive some to set up shop with prostitution rings, officials say. Operators say they were tricked.

    Chiropractor says full body massage will cure chest discomfort

    South Florida chiropractor pleads guilty - three arrested

    • WPLG - Channel 10 Miami Chiropractor Investigation Leads To Arrests, Guilty Pleas - Dec. 14, 2001 A former public defender, a chiropractor and a former state investigator are all in trouble with the law. The FBI's investigation of medical fraud at a popular Sunrise chiropractor's office led to three arrests last night. Dr. Russell Posner, Warner Olds (a former Broward County public defender who is now a defense attorney) and Mel Waxman (an investigator for the Agency for Healthcare Administration) were indicted this morning. Nearly 20 charges were filed against Posner, including both healthcare and social security fraud, and possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute. There have also been allegations that the clinic also allegedly wrote illegal prescriptions and that insurance companies were billed for massages and sexual favors.

    Arlington chiropractor sentenced in billing scam

    • The Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Nov 3. 2001 FORT WORTH - An Arlington chiropractor who helped authorities crack a Metroplex billing scam was sentenced to five years in federal prison Friday and ordered to pay $2.7 million in restitution. Mark Allen Darner, 36, had pleaded guilty to reduced charges of mail fraud in July in a scheme that collected $3.2 million in five years from insurance companies through fraudulent bills from clinics set up at local fitness clubs.

    Minnesota Attorney General Crushes corrupt chiropractors

    • Cash for crashes - Pioneer Press by Rick Linsk The latest shot came Thursday, as the Minnesota attorney general's office sued a Brooklyn Park chiropractor under the state consumer fraud act. Patrick W. Corrick allegedly paid runners to recruit accident victims and cheated insurance companies with dishonest billing practices. Lawyers for Attorney General Mike Hatch said the lawsuit was just the first salvo in a war on insurance fraud.

    Bergen County again the site of insurance fraud

    Nearly 200 people -- including a Saddle River neurologist, a New Milford chiropractor, and a lawyer who practices in Clifton -- were indicted Thursday in a scheme that bilked insurance companies of more than $5 million, authorities said.

    Paterson Chiropractor Charged With Insurance Fraud

    There have been so many chiropractors and other health professionals charged in scams in Paterson, New Jersey, we thought that a search would help you decide if you want to go to any chiropractors in this New York City suburb.

    Liberty Mutual Suit Accuses New Jersey Chiropractic and Rehab Clinics of Insurance Fraud Scheme

    The suit alleges the defendants violated the New Jersey Insurance Fraud Prevention Act by unlawfully delivering chiropractic and other health care services through unlicensed and unsupervised personnel. The suit also alleges the defendants engaged in illegal business structures and relationships that enabled them to conceal prohibited self-referrals and provide personal injury protection (PIP) medical services through professional corporations that are designed to appear to be owned by licensed physicians.

    FBI Seeks Four Fugitives In Area Insurance Scam

    John Deveny, a Norcross chiropractor, is one of a dozen people already convicted in the scam. For years, he received payoffs for drawing up medical reports detailing injuries that didn't exist and treatment costs. A federal grand jury indicted the 17 suspects --- including two attorneys --- in July 1999, days before agents rushed out to make the arrests during a raid. The missing people are all Nigerians who staged the accidents.

    New York chiropractor endicted for
    scamming millions from insurance companies

    Andrew Orlander, 42, of Chappaqua, billed insurance companies for more than $10 million in fake or exaggerated claims, including physical therapy sessions that lasted as little as 35 seconds, federal prosecutors said.

    He allegedly paid a medical doctor $600,000 a year to be his front man to get around a rule that prohibits chiropractors from owning medical practices.

    He was also charged with laundering his proceeds and with scheming to help personal injury lawyers get bigger verdicts in civil cases.

    $14 million dollar Allstate lawsuit in Illinois

    • Search for Allstate or chiropractor on home page for latest

      Allstate files lawsuit alleging fraud in auto accident claims - Dec. 2000
      -- by Mike Comerford Daily Herald Business Writer

      Four DuPage County residents and three medical offices were part of a fraud ring that bilked millions of dollars worth of auto accident claims from Allstate Insurance Corp., a $14.5 million suit filed this week by the company alleges. The following were named: James Adams of Glen Ellyn, Dr. John Gregor of Wheaton, Dr. John A. Stafford of Oak Brook and Dr. Patricia Zanelli of Glen Ellyn. Its suit names 10 Chicago area chiropractic clinics, two X-ray facilities, two magnetic resonance imaging facilities, two orthopedic facilities, five chiropractors, and both licensed and disbarred Chicago lawyers. Among the civil allegations against the various defendants is the unlicensed practice of medicine, illegal self-referrals, fee splitting, and inflated and false medical claims.

    Florida Sun-Sentinal -

    • Inquiry into Sunrise clinic expands to drugs, illicit sex Drugs, sensual massages and sex. The little storefront on Pine Island Road had it all. It even had a doctor's license for the pills, insurance payments for the massage and a Broward County Sheriff's courtroom deputy receiving sexual favors, according to lawyers, police officers and court records in a grand jury investigation of the Sunrise chiropractic office and the public officials it served. Now it has FBI agents poring through its records and a city nervously awaiting the next batch of arrests, which could come within two weeks. Details of the investigation also raise questions about how Sunstate attracted so many patients on public payrolls, including politicians, police officers from at least four departments and more than two dozen attorneys from the Public Defender's Office. The office is accused of writing what one source close to the investigation called "a mind-boggling" number of prescriptions, mostly for Valium, even though Posner and Swilling, as chiropractors, aren't allowed to prescribe medicine. According to several sources, Strickman wrote prescriptions for patients he never examined.
    • Sunrise police in middle of probe - Feds study billing by chiropractors who treated cops Federal prosecutors are looking into whether Sunrise police officers recruited patients for a chiropractor at the center of an insurance fraud probe -- possibly even handing out his business cards at car crashes. Agents are also examining tips that some officers took free treatment like daily back massages in exchange for their help.


    • Chiropractor is the next best thing to Jesus Christ: Unfortunately, Joseph Stone, and American chiropractor who says he's from Roswell, New Mexico faces many years in jail. Some of us would like to see him up on a wall somewhere, staring down at the crowd asking questions like, "Excuse me, is this any way to treat a subluxation?"

    • Chiro Held on Money Laundering A Massachusetts chiropractor with a rare Ferrari was held without bond Friday on a money laundering charge tied to his planned sale of the motorized gem to an FBI agent posing as the Russian owner of a high-priced call-girl ring.

    • Mafia mixes it up with NY and NJ MDs and chiros in NY Post

    • Terence G. Dulin, a Farmingdale, New York chiropractor recently tried to dupe someone under the guise of being a medical doctor. I was contacted by someone who fears for one of their relative's life. He was being "treated" long distance for weight loss by a man who says he is a medical doctor. Terence G. Dulin is prohibited from practicing chiropractic, yet he is listed on a private Farmingdale web site as a medical doctor.

      An internet Yellow Pages advertisement also lists him as an MD.

      If anyone comes across his advertisements, contact the police and the New York State Board of Medicine in Albany.

      What is even more frightening is that this man has been convicted of major infractions of the chiropractic regulations of New York State. Terence G. Dulin, Farmingdale, NY
      Profession: Chiropractor; Lic. No. 003074; Cal. No. 17922
      Regents Action Date: September 15, 2000
      Action: Application for consent order granted; Penalty agreed upon: 24 month suspension, execution of last 18 months of suspension stayed, probation 24 months, $1,500 fine.
      Summary: Licensee did not contest the charge of engaging in a sexual relationship with a patient and failure to maintain accurate patient records.

    • Missouri chiropractor has license suspended for telling patient that he was cured of AIDS The license of an Independence chiropractor has been suspended for two years because of accusations he convinced a Mennonite farmer with AIDS that he was cured of the incurable disease and could safely start a family.

      The patient eventually died, leaving behind a wife and daughter with HIV infections.

      The Missouri State Board of Chiropractic Examiners revoked Gary Edwards' license early this week then, in the same order, set aside that penalty for a lesser two-year suspension followed by five years of probation. The board could have suspended Edwards' license for up to five years. Edwards has denied that he said Duane Troyer was ever free of HIV.

    • Sex assault suspect free to travel - February 7, 2000 CHATHAM, Ontario -- A chiropractor who faces 37 sexual assault charges from 13 complainants has won permission to take vacations to the Caribbean while he's on bail.

      Michael Bedard, 43, was in court to have a May 15 preliminary hearing date set and to change bail terms so he can go on holiday.

      Assistant Crown attorney Fred Creed consented to changes that would allow Bedard to leave the country for trips to Barbados.

      First charged in August with complaints dating over the last decade, Bedard continues to practise on the condition that a third party be present if he sees female clients.

    • Allstate cracks down on automobile accident fraud Allstate filed two suits today against 258 individuals suspected of participating in two staged accident rings in Camden and Perth Amboy, New Jersey. A third suit targeted chiropractors, doctors and related medical and business corporations allegedly involved in the creation of a dummy medical corporation to misrepresent a chiropractic facility as a physician-owned medical center.

      The scheme is connected to a seminar run by a California chiropractor and advertised on the World Wide Web.

      "The basic concept is that a chiropractor and a medical doctor join forces and are able to render treatment under one roof with the greatest benefits to the chiropractor. Although there are very specific legal ramifications that need to be addressed, the concept follows a model and practical medical protocol which the insurance companies are determined to follow.

      (Isn't it amazing that in Ontario the same thing is happening and the government and insurance companies seem to be looking the other way. It is rumoured that a leading back treatment organization's leader, who was one of the most vocal opponents of chiropractic intervention in Canada, is now in bed with one - just to make more money!)

    • Ex-cop admits role in insurance scam - (Maplewood, N.J.) September 30, 1999 A former East Orange police officer admitted Wednesday to writing accident reports for car crashes that never happened. Chiropractors and a disbarred lawyer implicated.
    • Colorado pursues Mark Hollstrom -- Aug. 9, 1999The state is seeking a contempt ruling against a former Aurora chiropractor who has been permanently banned from practicing in Colorado after being accused of molesting patients. In 1981 his license was suspended in Michigan for indecent exposure.
    • Allstate Sues 67 Individuals, Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and Sham Medical Corporations -- Suit seeks over $42 million in damages MORRIS COUNTY, N.J., July 29, 1999 /PRNewswire/ -- Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company filed an amended 23 count complaint today against 67 chiropractors, doctors, medical corporations, business corporations and individuals suspected of participating in a complex auto insurance fraud scheme.
    • State of New Jersey charge 12 in massive ambulance chasing scam - July 14, 1999 - In its first major action, the state's insurance fraud prosecutor on Tuesday charged 12 people, including the operator of eight chiropractic clinics, with participating in a massive fraud ring that staged auto accidents so the clinics could bill insurance companies for treating the phony victims.
    • Families Sue Chiropractor In Abuse Case -- (Orinda, California) -- Thursday, June 24, 1999 Martinez -- The families of two sexually abused girls have sued an Orinda chiropractor who pleaded guilty last month to statutory rape and child pornography charges.
    • DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE FRAUD INVESTIGATORS ARREST FATHER AND SON ON INSURANCE FRAUD CHARGES -- One Suspect Is Antioch, California Chiropractor -- June 25, 1999 Father plays golf and works construction while his son, the chiropractor, does the paperwork to get him compensation.
    • Allstate sues California doctors, seeks $16 million NORTHBROOK, Ill., June 17 (Reuters) - Insurer Allstate Insurance Co. said Thursday it has filed lawsuits against 21 California doctors, chiropractors and health care providers, alleging that billing fraud has cost its policyholders millions of dollars.
    • Ray Gets Ten Months Prison Time - (MOBILE, AL) -- June 22, 1999 One-time Mobile chiropractor Donald Ray's sentence for tax evasion and selling prescription drugs without a license is ten months in federal prison. Prosecutors say Ray did a booming business selling prescription diet pills and under-reported his income in 1994 and 1995 by nearly 60-thousand dollars. (State News Service)
    • Doctor Avoids Prison In Statutory Rape Case -- (Orinda, California) -- June 19, 1999 Over the angry protest of an attorney representing two sexually abused girls, an Orinda chiropractor convicted of statutory rape and child pornography charges was sentenced yesterday to eight months in an Oakland halfway house. He was accused of running a ``party house'' at his residence in Orinda where teens were plied with marijuana and alcohol and shown child pornography.
    • Iowa chiropractor who had his license revoked because children were dying in his practice area sets up a quack nutrition program and coaches people how to get better, while he gets richer. Ken Brockman was a chiropractor in Iowa before two children and a teenager died while in his care. Iowa revoked his chiropractor's license and convicted him of practicing medicine illegally. He moved to Nebraska in 1984. Brockman set up shop as a nutrition consultant. In Omaha he started a company called Biologically Guided Life Systems teaching people how they can personally become responsible for their health.

      "They would pick on people that maybe weren't real sophisticated investors, people that believed in nutrition and they also used religion, I think, as a hook to bring people in."
      In other words they coached their flock of vulnerable people to hand over large sums of money. Take time to download this, then you can order the video tape from TV station KFOX. If you live in a senior citizens' complex, or belong to a church group, and someone tries to make a presentation to you on the benefits of investing in a nutrtional program, show them this tape and tell them that you took your vitamins already.

    • Chattanooga telemarketing scam targets accident victims and links them up to chiropractors and lawyers. Could there be anything worse? According to authorities, many telemarketers use misleading techniques to get people into the clinics. The most common scam is to claim to be calling from the accident victim's insurance company. One Chattanooga woman was told the law required her to be examined.
    • Chiropractor Accused Of Sexual Abuse - (NORTH LITTLE ROCK) -- June 17, 1999Authorities in North Little Rock say local chiropractor Travis Wyly is being accused of carnal abuse for allegedly molesting a 14-year-old girl. The 42-year-old chiropractor reportedly has had sexual contact with the girl since she was 12, when she traveled with Wyly and his family on a 1997 vacation. Local authorities say the girl only came forward when she heard the chiropractor had been accused of sexual harassment by someone else. (State News Service)
    • LOCAL CHIROPRACTOR SENTENCED FOR TAX EVASION (LA Times) June 17, 1999 Westminster chiropractor Loc Bao Nguyen, 36, of Fountain Valley has been sentenced to 21 months in prison following a March 26 conviction on two counts of filing false tax returns in 1991 and 1992, U.S. Attorney Alejandro Mayorkas announced June 8. Nguyen failed to report more than $650,000 in income on the tax returns for those two years, Assistant U.S. Attorney Alka Sagar said in a news release. Trial evidence indicated that Nguyen only reported payments he received from insurance companies, and that he failed to report payments from personal injury attorneys for their clients' medical services, the release said. Nguyen had cashed more than $388,000 in checks from the attorneys, said Sagar, who prosecuted the case. Nguyen's ex-wife, who had been instructed to cash the attorneys' checks, testified at the trial. A jury found him guilty on both counts, as well as other misconducts noted by U.S. District Court Judge William J. Rea. During 1991 and 1992, Nguyen also used his position as a chiropractor to file false claims in addition to the failed income reports, the release shows.
    • Health Care Pros Charged With Bribery - (TRENTON, New Jersey) April 22, 1999 -- Two New Jersey chiropractors and the operator of a physical therapy business have been charged with insurance fraud. An indictment accuses them of conspiring to obtain computerized accident records from the North Bergen Police Department by bribing a supervisor. Three alleged ``runners'' were charged with using bribes to get similar records from Newark police. Those indicted include Robert Matturro, owner of chiropractic offices in Bloomfield and Union City; Nicholas Rosania, who practiced at the Union City office; and Annette Licea, operator ofa physical therapy business above Matturro's Union City office. Insurance Fraud Prosecutor Ed Neafsy described them as, quote, ``the top of the fraud chain.''
    • Convicted Killer Wants New Trial - (MARIETTA.GA) - April 16, 1999-- A former Cobb County chiropractor... convicted of killing his asking for a new trial. Jack Ray Wallace of Powder Springs claims he did not get a fair trial because his lawyer, now dead, was impaired by alcohol while trying the case. Kimberly Wallace was killed in 1990. Her body was discovered stuffed into an airplane toolbox.
    • Chiropractor Sentenced - (MARIETTA, GA) - April 16, 1999 -- A Marietta chiropractor has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for insurance fraud. According to federal prosecutors, F. Scott Culberson paid runners to refer patients to him involved in auto accidents. He then padded their bills to insurance. Culberson still faces charges of under-reporting nearly two-Million dollars in income.
    • Allstate files suit against Allied Trauma - Morris County, N.J. - April 7, 1999 Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company filed a civil suit today against a husband-wife chiropractic team accused of participating in fraudulent auto insurance schemes. The action follows those taken Wednesday by state criminal investigators who executed search and seizure warrants against the practitioners as well as a transportation company suspected of complicity in the alleged fraud scheme.
    • Chiropractor Convicted of Filing False Tax Returns - FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 29, 1999 -- A Fountain Valley man has been convicted of filing false tax returns that failed to report $388,000 in income he received for treating victims of automobile accidents. He was also charged with kickback.
    • Chiropractor loses license for fraud - Bergen County, N.J.- March 26, 1999 A chiropractor was stripped of his license Thursday and assessed $101,000 in fines and fees for taking part seven years ago in a multimillion-dollar insurance fraud at a medical office in Passaic.
    • submitted $52 million in questionable bills
    • 5,000 people received meaningless treatments
    • inflicting unnecessary and painful treatments to inflate bills
    • falsifying records, allowing unsupervised testing of patients, and treating patients in an "illusory and/or ineffective manner."
    • Rehab owner sentenced in frauds - Philadelphia - March 23, 1999 - Eric C. Keck will spend 10 years in prison for bilking insurers and investors of more than $11 million. Keck, 37, of Bryn Athyn in Montgomery County, opened rehab clinics in five suburban fitness centers between 1996 and January 1998 with money from individual investors, who were promised up to 30 percent return on their money. The clinics purportedly provided exercise and personal training services to injured patients. But many of Keck's "patients" were fitness buffs and amateur athletes whom Keck promised free memberships at the fitness centers in exchange for posing as injured people in need of therapy.
    • Chiropractors Sued - (SACRAMENTO) -- March 19, 1999 - One of Sacramento's most visible chiropractic businesses is suffering some pains of its own. Over the past week, California Back and Neck Pain Specialists has been sued by a major workers' compensation firm... and settled thousands of dollars worth of allegedly fraudulent insurance claims. The company, which is under court order to stop practicing medicine without a license... is also the focus of an investigation by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners.
    • 20th Century insurance sues a Glendale chiropractor and his clinic for $8 million.By LIZ PULLIAM, L.A. Times Staff Writer -
    • License Suspended In Fraud Case - (INDIANAPOLIS) -- March 13, 1999 - The state has issued an emergency license suspension for a Valparaiso chiropractor accused of bilking Medicaid out of Millions of dollars. The license suspension for Doctor Robert Guzek will last for 90-days... or until a formal hearing is held. The state attorney general's office alleges that Guzek performed medically unnecessary treatments on patients who were as young as one month old... fabricated diagnoses... and paid marketers to cruise low income neighborhoods and round up Medicaid patients for treatment.
    • Chiropractor Convicted Of Fraud - (GARY, Indiana) -- January 7, 1999 - A Lake County chiropractor has pleaded guilty to Medicaid fraud for allegedly performing unnecessary tests and treatment on children. Michael Vandersluis of DeMotte was one of several chiropractors accused of fraud during an 18 month long federal investigation. Vandersluis, who faces five years in prison, has agreed to pay more than one million dollars in restitution.(This was the guy on ABC's 20/20)
    • Chiropractor Admits Fraud - (ATLANTA) -- January 7, 1999 - A Marietta chiropractor admits being involved in as much as three million in false billings. Scott Culberson faces up to 13 years in prisonand a fine of 750-thousand dollars. Federal officials say Culberson paid "runners" to bring patients injured in auto accidents. Officials say he also inflated bills by charging patients for treatments on days they did NOT visit the office.
    • Waste, fraud and financial mismanagement at the Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners - KWTV Reporter Chris Halsne - Sept. 15, 1998 - "Kelli Novotny was an assistant financial officer at the board that is supposed to make sure Oklahoma's 800 chiropractors follow the rules and the law. It appears to me however that nobody was watching over the board and it'sstaff. KELLY NOVOTNY HAD A STATE-TAXPAYER-PAID CELL PHONE. WE PULLED AYEARS WORTH OF BILLS. 123 PAGES, THOUSANDS OF CALLS.. NEARLY ALL OF THEMPERSONAL ONES.. TO HOT TUB INSTALLERS, OLD BOYFRIENDS, AND ONE INTERESTINGNOTE.. SOME LATE NIGHT CALLS TO CHIROPRACTOR BOARD MEMBER DR. MICHAEL ZUGLEDEROF TULSA. It is literally bankrupt. One member told me, the ChiropracticBoard could owe state taxpayers around $100,000 and this board does nothave the money to pay it back."
    • Medicare, Medicaid fraud a billion-dollar art form in the US - Milan Korcok -CMAJ 1997;156:1195-7
      • When an Ontario court sentenced a Toronto-area chiropractor to 90 days in jail last year for billing the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) for $65 000 worth of services he had never provided, health ministry regulators hoped they had sent a clear signal about the risks taken by those who loot the public trough.

    • The next time, stick to spines and suggest Ex-Lax - PULASKI, Va. (AP) -A chiropractor who massaged a woman's crotch, telling her the treatment would relieve her constipation, must pay her $140,000 in damages for malpractice.
    • Chiropractor accused of molesting 6 patients - (Bergen County, N.J.) - December17, 1998 - A Clifton chiropractor turned himself in to police Wednesday after he was charged with sexually assaulting six of his female patient sover the past eight years.
    • Chiropractor's wolf-husky is put to death after attacking an infant - Tiffin, Ohio- December 17, 1998 - Dr. Jerrold Solomon repeatedly charged with allowing his animals to roam neighborhoods and victimize his community.
    • Chiropractor Sentenced - (TOLEDO) -- Nov. 25,1998 - The owner of a chiropractic center in Toledo has been convicted of Workers Compensation fraud. The state says 41-year-old Michael Kerr took more than 200-thousand dollars in insurance payments for work he neverdid on patients. An F.B.I. agent posed as a patient as part of the investigation of Kerr, who operated the Kerr Chiropractic Center. He's been sentenced to one year in prison and two years probation. He also has to pay all the money back. The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation says it was one ofthe largest cases of its type ever investigated in the state. - Yahoo News
    • Veritus Medical summary of medical and chiropractic fraud - lots of stuff here, not just on chiropractors.
    • Lawsuit against chiropractor begins - Las Vegas, Nevada - October 15, 1998- The first of seven women suing Las Vegas chiropractor Jeffrey Donner for molesting them during treatment had been raped in the past and suffers symptoms of trauma as a result of her second victimization, an attorney said Wednesday in opening statements of the lawsuit.
      • Jury assesses chiropractor $3 million - A jury Wednesday awarded a woman $3 million in damages from the chiropractor who molested her. The issueof damages should come down to a single question. "What is the value of a woman's right not to be sexually violated by her doctor."
    • Goshen chiropractor faces lewd-conduct charges - By SUE DILLMAN - Tribune Indianapolis Bureau
    • From - "Fraudulent Practices" by William Cockburn, D.C., Diplomate Forensic Examiner - THIS POST SHOULD BE READ CAREFULLYBY ALL LIST MEMBERS INVOLVED IN PERSONAL INJURY - WORKERS COMPENSATIONAND INSURANCE BILLING PRACTICES. - Bill's story about a convicted chiropractor at the hub of a multi-million dollar scam is followed by his own personal involvement with trying to counsel one chiropractor who just didn't seemto care that gizmos and procedures are all he needs to justify treatment. Does anyone own a Dynatron?
    • Jacksonville, Florida area chiropractors, clinics face racketeering charges - Alleged scheme targeted insurance By Bruce Bryant-Friedland Times-Union business writer. State investigators arrested six people yesterday, including three Jacksonville chiropractors, on charges of bilking insurers out of morethan $2 million in unnecessary treatments.
    • Search Gary, Indiana Post Tribune for stories about chiropractors - If you want to download there will be fees.
    • Undercover Operation Nets 15 Indictments On 'Capping' Charge -
    • Suit filed against University of Illinois by chiropractic clinic - A local chiropractic clinic is suing the University because it claims the school's Medical Insurance Benefits Center is hurting its business. The University then sent a letter to students who received treatment, questioning the"medical necessity" of Snell's treatments.
    • Chiropractor's alignments way out of line - A Boston chiropractor and his wife, who served as executive director of the practice, recently pled guilty to many counts of fraud. The couple were convicted of diagnosing workers' company auto accident patients with serious injuries and providing them with extensive treatment -- whether they needed it or not.
    • Florence, South Carolina Chiropractor Convicted Of Computer Fraud - Lee admitted to filing fraudulent claims to gain access to the computer system of theSouth Carolina Medicaid Program. He will not be able to participate inthe state's Medicaid program for a minimum of five years.
    • Las Vegas chiropractor convicted of mail fraud - Thomas Mark Shleifer,D.C., participated in a scam in which he claimed to treat five people who rammed their car into a telephone pole on Lake Mead Boulevard.
    • L.A.Lawyer and Five Others Arrested for Scam Accidents and Insurance Fraud- Retired chiropractor Kenneth Paul Blanker, 62, of Lake Havasu. Blanker was arrested on conspiracy allegations, including assault with a deadlyweapon, insurance fraud, grand theft and capping.
    • California chiropractor sentenced to one year in jail - sexual assault and insurance fraud
    • Indicted chiropractic firms fight back with city suit - Lubbock, Texas - Three local chiropractic firms indicted in January for organized crime - allegedly bribing police records clerks for accident reports - now are suing thecity of Lubbock and its police department for no longer offering accessto those reports.
    • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas resolves lawsuit against chiropractors - Two Wichita brothers to pay $200,000 to the Blues
    • Garfield Heights Chiropractor Admits to Workers' Compensation Fraud
    • Cuyahoga County Chiropractor and massage therapist wife indicted for $181,800 in Workman's Compensation Fraud
    • LOCAL CHIROPRACTOR JAILED- Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro announced that Thomas A. Butti, 41, of Scarsdale, New York, a chiropractor with an office on Seminary Road in Yonkers, New York, faced a maximum sentence of five to fifteen years in State prison when he was sentenced. Butti admitted that between January 1991 and March 1992, he engaged in a scheme that stole approximately Two Hundred Eighty-Five Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Dollars ($285,920.00) from the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America by submitting numerous false claims for payment to that company.
    • Dutches County, NY chiropractor arrested for insurance fraud - New York, October 2, 1998 - Chiropractor practice what he preaches
    • Chiropractor arrested again for practicing without license - His previous convictionwas for insurance fraud
    • Disciplinary actions against chiropractors -
    • State of Florida rounds up almost 200 in $10 million fraud scheme: Cash for Crash ring arrested. The leaders of the ring are accused of offering small sums of money to low-income people to participate in staged accidents witha car driven by a co-conspirator. Then a chiropractor or lawyer would fileclaims for phony injuries.
    • Chiropractor arrested on charges of growing, selling pot in Ocala
    • 8 chiropractors face charges in 3-year state fraud probe - Columbus Dispatch- Eight chiropractors trained to treat backaches are facing headaches with their licensing board. All are affiliated with Tri State Chiropractic Clinics and face charges by the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, including fraud, improper patient solicitation, false advertising and allowing unlicensed staff members to perform care.
    • ChiroWatch

    Chiropractors treat animals, too?

    • What a veterinarian has to say about Chiropractors who treat animals - If you have a dog, cat, or horse, you may find yourself invited to have its spine "adjusted." Before taking any such plunge, here's what you should know. No part of chiropractic education deals with animals, and no part of veterinary education deals with manipulative forms of physiotherapy. In most states, the practice of chiropractic is, by definition, restricted to humans (a definition supported by a 1998 decision of the appeals court of the state of Michigan). Nevertheless, some chiropractors purport to be able to ply their trade on animals and some veterinarians say that they can perform chiropractic adjustments.
    • Wellness for Whiskers - National Post - November 18, 1999 - This article is no longer on their site. If you need to see it, go to your local library and see if they have a microfilm of the National Post. Veterinarian practices quackery - (Iguess that chiropractors who treat animals will now have a run for their money in tabloids, park benches, and billboards.)
    • Wateroo chiropractor Jennifer Heick faces more than a "marketing challenge" - The Ontario College of Chiropractic does not allow their members to practice veterinary medicine, so why is she allowed to do this?
    • NCRHI Task Force on Veterinary Pseudoscience - Combine this site with the NCRHI (formerly NCAHF) site about chiropractic quackery, and you've got a great one-two punch that discredits both.
    • Chiropractor jumps into tank with dolphin assistance - " Chiropractor Signy Erikson, describing how exciting it was to work in the water with dolphins said, "It got even more exciting when it was clear that we and the dolphins seemed to agree on exactly where the patients needed to be treated.You could just feel the intensity in the water when the dolphins were around."
    • Can chiropractic be of help to your mule? - Laird Burke of Quebec helps equine athletes with Equine Kinesiology - We don't know if Laird is anactual chiropractor, but this article is interesting anyway.
    • Daniel Kamen, D.C. - His Illinois office also runs animal chiropractic workshops. Lots of nice pictures, too.
    • Dr.Ralph Wiggins - Chiropractor of the Dogs
    • They shoot Michigan horse chiropractors, . . . don't they? - MARK HALL HOFFMANN, D.C. was in violation of the Michigan Public Health Code because he was treating animals by manipulating the spine of horses without a veterinary license. However, The Michigan Chiropractic Disciplinary Subcommittee concluded that the definition of chiropractic was not limited to the human nervous system or spinal column. The court said that the Disciplinary Subcommittee's interpretation ignored all prior statutory definitions of chiropractic that explicitly limited all aspects of the practice of chiropractic to humans. (Isn't it odd, that the State of Michigan will prosecute a chiropractor for attempting to manipulate a helpless animal, but doesn't do a thing about a chiropractor who manipulates a helpless infant or toddler?)
    • Chiropractor faces fine for treating dogs - Sherlock the dachshund and Aiko the golden retriever are alive today because of Northside Cincinnati chiropractor Katherine E. ''Liz'' Zabinski, their owners believe. Ms. Zabinski gave adjustments to Sherlock and Aiko because they were in such severe pain that their owners considered having them put to sleep. After the adjustments, the dogs perked up. But Ms. Zabinski, a licensed Ohio chiropractor in goodstanding, could go to jail and owe nearly $16,000 in fines for the chiropractic "adjustments" she provided for the animals.

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