Canadian Medical Research Council (MRC) funds chiropractic research

Canadian Chiropractic Association and Medical Research Council establish $275,000 research fund to study chiropractic care - November 5, 1998 - Why is our Federal government paying for this study, and what will it really do for chiropractors? Will it include horses, dogs, cats, armadillos, and turtles?
  • What about the MRC's own ethical guidelines? - "Placebos are not necessary drugs but may include, for example, "sham" physical therapies or manipulations in physiotherapeutic, surgical or chiropractic research."
  • MRC spends money on chiropractic while stingy budgets uproot medical stars - The decision of a key genetic researcher to leave The Toronto Hospital for the U.S. highlights a growing concern of Canada's scientific community.
  • More news about the MRC from the MRC
  • Message from Dr. Henry Friesen at the PMAC - "Canada needs our best and brightest minds to pursue careers in health research. Our health researchers live up to the best standards anywhere in the world. The Health Research Foundation has a strong record in supporting scientific research. It will continue to pursue its mandate of fostering research and training in the health sciences with a view to helping to ensure Canada's place in the global scientific arena, and Canada's prosperity." -- (So why did the MRC agree to fund the CCA?)
  • MRC sounds funding alarm - CMAJ 1997
  • Anyone who wants to reach Dr. Friesen and ask him why our precious MRC dollars are funding the art of pseudoscience and placebo may want to E-mail him at
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