Cary Mullen is down and out

Crazy Canuck wannabee suffers yet another concussion after Michael Leahy, chiro to the stars says it's o.k. to ski!

  • Mullen heads home after another crash - Edmonton Sun - December 16, 1998 - This is further testimony that chiropractors convince people that even recurrent concussions can be overcome with just a twist of the neck. Earlier this year Cary Mullen went to Colorado Springs to see Dr. Michael Leahy at the Champion Health Clinic. Leahy is one of North America's "chiros to the stars" and just loves the attention that these athletes bring to his practice. Mullen, on the other hand needed the boost he wanted to return to the other Crazy Canucks on the Canadian ski team. Even though he claims that 30 conventional medical practitioners could not help him, he went merrily on his way to the chiropractic sports wizard and returned after one treatment with the belief that his neck muscles were actually connected to the dura, the lining of the brain. By using his Active Release Technique ARTTM on Mullen, he convinced this seriously head-injured man to return to the ultimate collision path and downhill skiing. His numerous appearances on CBC undoubtedly resulted in more business for his clinic. Will Mullen head back to the Colorado for Christmas, for some more rearranging of his muscle-brain confluence, or will he finally hang it up and join the CBC as a colour commentator, a little less dizzy, but nonetheless ready for action?

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