Murray "have spine - will travel" Katz, M.D. -

  • Cause of death - Murray's letter to the editor Globe and Mail - Dec. 9, 1999 An article in The Globe Review (Nov. 30) stated that "the jury did not find that chiropractic treatment was the cause of the death" of Laurie Jean Mathiason. This statement is totally contrary to the evidence that was presented.
  • Murray Katz calls chiropractors who treat children "QUACKS" - Medical Post reports - Mark Quinn reports Murray's Sick Kids lecture to radiologists.
  • In Ontario alone, chiropractors bill the provincial government more than $11 million annually for treatment of children. Canada-wide, chiropractors bill provincial public health systems almost $25 million annually for treatment of minors. Dr. Katz is calling on radiologists in every province to follow the lead of their Alberta colleagues who have stopped providing X-rays for chiropractors who treat children, despite the fact that the cost of X-rays requested by chiropractors are covered by many provincial health plans, including Alberta's.

  • Murray replies to Medical Post letters from chiropractors - Feb. 9, 1999

  • Chiropractic DIRTY TRICKS - Murray strikes back!!!- March 25, 1999
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