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RWAM Insurance buys into RNC but won't cover Registered Dietitians

In August 1998, Heather Aguiar, the Managed Health Care Specialist who works for RWAM Insurance of Emira, Ontario, sent a Registered Dietitian a notice that said:

"Effective September 1, 1998, our policy will cover only services provided by Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioners (R.N.C.P.) a designation also administered through the Nutritional Consultants Organization of Canada (N.C.O.C.). The same R.N.C. educational requirements must be attained; however R.N.C. P. require 40 hours of annual educational upgrading."

That means that Registered Dietitians in Ontario will no longer be recognized by this insurance company. We don't know why or how this change occurred, and would like anyone who has experienced similar rejections by Canadian insurance companies to contact us immediately with details:

E-mail us at: RNCWATCH

Unregulated folks who sometimes associate themselves with chiropractors.

Where did they obtain bachelor degrees and PhD's and why are some of them covered by insurance when regulated professionals are not?

  • Fake credentials exposed - Trudy Bricker who works with a chiropractor in Waterloo, Ontario claims to be a PhD.

    She admitted that she earned that degree from the International University for Complementary Medicine on a Rogers Community 20 show that aired on September 28, 1998. The IUCM is a mail-order school located in Colombo, Sri Lanka and is notorious for selling all sorts of diplomas for just a few hundred dollars. Why she could have easily paid for a diploma that reads "M.D."

    Call Rogers 20 and ask them why they put the PhD on the screen for the hour-long show, and ask Yvonne why she should be paid for her sloppy journalism? Then call Trudy to ask her how many years she spent in Sri Lanka. BTW- Rogers Communications sent me a letter in November telling me that the programs will not be repeated, but they would not admit any liability, nor would they make any statement on air about the controversy.

  • Colin Elkin joins Trudy Bricker to boost Total Health 98 and God

  • NCOC - Nutrition Consultants Organization of Canada. Where do they get their degrees?

  • The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Teaching the medicine of the future
  • Why does the California Chiropractic Board of Examiners allow licensed chiropractors to practice iridology?

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