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    Battle of the Kitchener-Waterloo chiros

    Sherman vs. Winchester

    Battle of the Kitchener-Waterloo chiros

    Sherman vs. Winchester

    In a response to the attack by Jeff Winchester on the medical and pharmaceutical industry, this brave Kitchener area chiropractor dukes it out in the newspaper. Unfortunately for the "type-setter", the letter to the editor was titled:

    MD didn't speak for profession -

    (We all know that the "M.D." should have been "D.C.".)

    I read with disbelief a Dec. 29th letter to the editor, written by a Waterloo chiropractor. The article was concerning drug company propaganda an dhis opinions concerning vaccination.

    His opinions do not represent the feelings of all chiropractors.

    One important issue to address in this case is scope of practice. The issue of vaccination does not fall within the scope of practice of chiropractors. As a primary care health care professional, it is mandatory that we be able to diagnose or at least recognize a wide variety of health concerns from cancer to dermatological disease, and that appropriate referral follow.

    It is also important to understand medical procedures and be able to discuss these with our patients for their benefit.

    It is not within my scope of practice to denounce certain medical procedures, particularly with a public statement. Are we to believe that the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children and various other institutions are reommending vaccinations to fulfill some secret agenda?

    Are we to believe that a Waterloo chiropractor is an authority on vaccination?

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. When given in the media, this opinion is often taken to be the opinion of a profession, which it is not.

    Dr. Daryl Sherman
    January 4, 1999

    ChiroWatch Backlash

    Dr. Daryl Sherman should get a gold medal for courage. He should also speak with his colleagues in the K-W Chiropractic Association about Jeff Winchester who remains an embarrassment to not only his profession, but to his community as well.

    Did any K-W area chiropractor complain about Jeff Winchester about his meningitis sign in 1997?

    Did anyone in that profession ask David E. Reinhardt, the chiropractor for the Good Life Club in Kitchener's Market Square location who had the nerve to place on the door of his office that indicated that he might be a sports physician, not a chiropractor?

    Did anyone complain about Jennifer Heick who manipulates animals, without the supervision or direction of a Veterinary doctor?

    What the hell is wrong with the chiropractic community in K-W?

    Are they too busy to care about their fellow professionals?

    We call on all K-W chiropractors to wake up. We ask that in order for them to preserve their professional reputation that they (like my grandmother used to say), should basically shit or get off the pot.

    Blow the whistle on crooked practitioners before they eat a big hole into the the shrinking pot that is OHIP. Return the chiropractic profession to a caring profession rather than one that is stuck on the trail to self-destruction.

    Neck911 may save your life
    Have you been injured?
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