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Waterloo chiropractic society president denies anti-science views of Jeff Winchester and James Gregg

Views are their own

Regarding recent debates appearing in the Record from local chiropractors, the Waterloo Regional Chiropractic Society (which represents the majority of chiropractors in the area), feels it must respond to this situation with disapproval.

The members of the chiropractic society are clearly in favour of fully informed consent and freedom of choice with respect to all health-care intervention, including childhood and adult vaccination procedures.

Dr. Jeff Winchester and Dr. James Gregg are not currently members of the Waterloo Regional Chiropractic Society.

The opinions these two doctors have expressed regarding vaccination are their own personal viewpoints and they do not speak for any recognized group within the chiropractic profession.

We applaud those who act responsible by taking an active role in their own health-care. Wellness is a journey and not a destination.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record February 4, 1999 by Robert B. Miller, D.C. President Waterloo Regional Chiropractic Society

Views are our own

Unfortunately, Dr. Miller's statement that Gregg and Winchester's "views are their own" is not quite correct. Chiropractors are being taught pediatric chiropractic courses at CMCC. The textbook that they use, by Anrig, is full of anti-medical and anti-scientific sections, including a rather extensive anti-immunization section.

Any chiropractic society in Ontario can deny the thoughts of those who tell lies and through their actions may endanger the public's health, but the chiropractic regulatory body in Ontario does not speak for the Ontario Chiropractic Association's local societies. The Province of Ontario, through one of its Regulated Health Professional Acts (RHPA), has failed to control those chiropractors who espouse anti-scientific rhetoric, they have failed to control chiropractors who force their staff to undergo unecessary treatments, they have failed to change the anti-scientific cult of pediatric chiropractic, they have failed to stop chiropractors who manipulate animals.

If chiropractors who espouse anti-public health measures hang out banners on the streets, and post lies on their doors, why does the public keep going to them? Why do insurance companies pay for them?

I congratulate Dr. Miller, Sherman, and Dr. Leering who have spoken out in the K-W Record, and welcome others to follow. But if the RHPA fails to regulate, why do we have it in the first place?

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