Why do you need ChiroWatch?

In September 1998, the inquest into the death of a young woman in Saskatoon at the hands of a licensed chiropractor was front page news. This web site is dedicated to her.

In October 1998, one hundred and three years after a Canadian born Iowa grocer named D.D.Palmer founded what grew into chiropractic, the New England Journal of Medicine published two landmark articles that basically answered the following question:

So, why do some governments in Canada still fund it?

If the very foundation of their profession, the relief of low back pain, remains a myth in these tightly controlled studies, why should private insurance companies fund it?

To continue to support chiropractors with government money saps treasuries of vital funds that are needed for preventive health care, and cancer treatment.

Secondly, why do we permit them to treat pregnant mothers, newborns, infants, and children who may be exposed to unecessary x-rays and dangerous manipulations?

ChiroWatch has a responsibility to inform the public about the jaded history, the conflicts, the good apples and bad apples that the healing art of chiropractic brings with it. So far they have hidden the facts from the public's view.

If there is little or no science to chiropractic, and mostly art, then those who hold the power to declare that public funds should be spent to bolster this group are the ones who should be held accountable.

If our elected officials and appointed bureaucrats in their infinite wisdom continue to fund those who practice the art of chiropractic, they must answer to those, like us, who object loudly to the chiropractic brigade who cry fowl when we raise objections to some within their ranks who spew forth anti-medical, anti-science rhetoric.

If the reason that chiropractic is funded at all is because of skillful deception, a clever posse of lawyers, and testimonials delivered by patients who have miraculous cures, then that means that we should also pay for massage therapists at spas in Banff, mud bath emporiums on Avenue Rd., iridology workshops at the Naturopathic College in Toronto, therapeutic touch, reflexology for tired "soles", and a host of other scams?

The College of Chiropractors of Ontario, the agency that regulates chiropractic practice in Ontario, DID NOT have a functioning web page until late in 1999.

College of Chiropractors of Ontario
Suite 702, 130 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON
M5S 1N5
Tel: 416/922-6355
Fax: 416/925-9610

Web site started in late 1999: www.cco.on.ca

Have you been injured?

If you or anyone you know has been injured following cervical spine manipulation, or who has died after their spine has been manipulated by any professional:

contact ChiroWatch with details

We can't afford medical care for people who are in need. Yet the red carpet is out for a chiropractic college to move to York University.

CMCC sent their flock to the Senate at York, Canada's third largest university to rap themselves in sheepskins. But were they seen as wolves by the scientific community? The chiropractic leaders' goals was to convince the scholars in the arts and sciences that they would be a proud addition, and that they had nothing to hide. They felt that they had it in the bag. But, who will pay for it? Who will decide that any chiropractic education in Ontario, or any other Province is a wise move?

Health Care Crisis

Tens of billions of dollars of taxpayers money has been earmarked by the Federal government to pay for Provincial health plans. We have a serious credibility problem when it comes to delivering that money to where it's needed:
  • Ontario communities suffer because of inadequate medical support for critical care, cancer, and rural health, yet we spend hundreds of millons on chiropractic
  • Pregnant mothers have to be airlifted hundreds of kilometers to deliver babies
  • Cancer patients from Southern Ontario are shipped to Buffalo, Detroit, or Thunder By because Ontario can't afford to staff hospitals to treat them, yet they say the money is on the way.
  • There are more fully staffed MRI units in Buffalo (24) then there are in the entire Province of Ontario. Kitchener-Waterloo the area where Ontario Health Minister Elizabeth Witmer lives, gets funding to build cancer and MRI unit, but can't staff them.

We, the weary taxpayers, will be dragged screaming into the 21st Century with the full knowledge that a significant part of chiropractic is actually based on non-scientific, cultist, pseudo-religious beliefs. But, we will be forced to pay for it anyway. Instead of doctors, and midwives on the labour and delivery floors, we will have chiropractors who will massage those who labour, and then re-arrange the subluxations in their newborns.

We will then be forced to cancel public health contracts with vaccine makers, close STD clinics, and instead set up religious shrines to the Innate Intelligence (the cult of chiropractic), to pray for our recovery from every ill known to mankind. Science be damned.

Don't be fooled, the cult of chiropractic is alive and well in your community.

They have moved into local school board offices with snake-oil cousins and other hucksters, holding health seminars.They have created mistrust of our pediatricians, obstetricians, oncologists, surgeons and family doctors.

ChiroWatch is here to set the record straight. As health care providers, we are not perfect. The vaccines and medications we use may have bad reactions. It's part of our job to inform our patients to the best of our abilities that there are risks to things that we do, or recommend.

Our job is to learn from science and teach our patients,that unlike the chiropractor's world, not everything is perfect or uncomplicated.We face life and death issues every day, and chiropractic ignorance of scientific thought, and complications due to the zealots amongst them are just one of them.

We invite those chiropractors who feel that their colleagues who spew forth the anti-MD banter, and lies are wrong. We want them to feel safe to complain if their regulators don't do anything to thin out the unscientific cult amongst them. That is why ChiroWatch will educate all concerned. We invite you to contribute if you want, to criticize if you must.

If our parliamentarians, health ministers, and keepers of the public's taxes still feel that chiropractors deserve to be funded, then we have failed to enlighten them.

To keep ChiroWatch current we invite readers to send us information about problems in your community that involve chiropractors and chiropractic education from around the world.

Together, we demand that chiropractic training and practice should be based on science before it is funded with public money. We would like to see chiropractors reject those in their profession who still hold to strange beliefs and anti-MD views. There are good chiropractors who perform manipulation according to orthopractic guidelines, and reject pediatric chiropractic. We would like to see all chiropractors come forward and be recognized if they support science.