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    Chiro Pediatrics - More tricks than a barrel of monkeys, but Global forgot to bring the peanuts.

    Global TV News - Toronto
    April 10, 2002
    5:37 P.M.
    Global TV - Chiro-Pediatrics
  • Click here for the transcript Global News - Toronto had the balls to put together a short piece on pediatric tonight. It was a total farce. The only bright light was pediatrician, Paul Munk, who tried to rain on the pedchiro's parade. But, he seemed somehow muffled in his quiet protests.

    Here is my response to the piece that I sent along to the show's producers.

    Dear Global News:

    Your pediatric chiropractic news reporter said that there was more informtion about the pediatric chiropractic on your web site.

    Well, I'll be damned. The only information link you have is to the Ontario Chiropactic Association.

    The OCA says that they represent the interests of the chiropractic profession in Ontario. Well as far as I am concerned, this is the same group that for years promoted pediatric chiropractic without one shred of evidence that it worked, or that it was totally safe.

    About two years ago, references on their own web site related to newborn care vanished. In addition, the OCA asked chiropractors to remove controverial brochures that they had produced themselves to be removed from chiropractic offices. It seems that these brochurs were marketing tools to recruit mothers and their of course, their children.

    The OCA was also responsible for sending tens of thousands of letters to Ontario family doctors telling them how responsible that they were. This was on the heels of the annoucement of a woman's death after she received neck manipulation.

    Why didn't Global interview people who have been scammed by chiropractors who demand that patients have thermography, or SEMG done before they see them for newborn chiropractic care. Or, why not show us some video clips of one of the former chiropractic executive from Burlington who does Applied Kinesiology on mothers while their toddlers sits on their bellies directing all of that innate energy?

    Why didn't Global interview the husband and wife team who cross refer to each other in a joint chiro/MD office, and use a quack promoter to run a public forum on the latest in medical advances at a local public library? Of course, the latest advances are chiropractic gizmos, unproved machines, and false nostrums that can never be proved.

    Why didn't they interview the chiropractors who ran a three-ring-circus down in Burlington a few years ago during a health fair?

    There is so much information out there that Global could have used that raises serious questions, not only about the "science fiction" that is pediatric chiropractic, but about the ethics of those who practice it.

    Why didn't Global take their cameras into the OHIP offices in Kingston and ask them why tens of millions of our tax dollars has been paid out to adjust children, infants, and newborns over the last few years? Many chiropractors recruit and charge pregnant mothers to go to their Thursday evening video demonstarations, where they fill their heads with anti-vaccine lies. This was ignored by Global.

    It was totally irresponsible for Global to have ignored the mystical forces within chiropractic. Many chiropractors in Toronto displayed their mindless Network Chiropractic hand waves and philosophical rants at the Total Health Expo recently. They were in good company with about 200 booths full of questionable practitioners, and bogus devices.

    Global's TV-man was not identified by name, and one of the two chiropractors on the show also went nameless. One of them demonstrated their skills on a fully clothed 2 1/2 week old boy, who slept through the "procedure" on his neck. The other chiropractor, Deborah Kopansky-Giles was less enthusiastic about the claims, but I think she defended the right of any chiropractor to just do anything they wanted. Hey, if it don't hurt, and doesn't work, what's the harm!!

    Paul Munk, a very well respected pediatrician, was the only medical doctor who was interviewed. I can assure you he has much more to say about the fallacies and potential dangers of pediatric chiropractic. But, he was obviously not able to get Global to air them. He was much to polite.

    The 2 plus minute news clip should have been expanded. The fact that here is basically zero evidence that chiropractic can help pediatric disease or condition was never broached. We needed a CrossFire here, not a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood fun fest.

    I suggest that Global TV place the following links on their web page - www.canada.com