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    Chiro Pediatrics - More tricks than a barrel of monkeys, but Global forgot to bring the peanuts.

    Global News - Toronto
    Global TV - Chiro-Pediatrics April 10, 2002
    5:37 P.M.
    R - 	Reporter: Not identified
    Mom -	Ms. Sheryl van der Mark  - mother of at least two children
    C-1 - 	Chiropractor #1 - Not identified
    C-2 - 	Chiropractor #2 - Deborah Kopansky-Giles, Rehab specialist
    MD - 	Paul Munk - pediatrician
    News Promo before actual show

    Chiropractic ear infection, but is the treatment safe for children?

    R - When your baby comes down with colic or an ear infection, you take them to a pediatrician, right? Not all parents do. Chiropractors are claiming success for treating infants and small children for a variety of ailments. But traditional baby doctors aren't convinced, and they want more evidence that it works.

    Mom - Chiropractor is very gentle on his neck, and sometimes he slept right through it. (video shows C-1, a young blond-haired chiropractor with large diamond on left ring finger, poking at the upper back of newborn.)

    R - He's only 2 and a half weeks old, but this newborn has already had his spine adjusted. Not only are chiropractors making sure little backs are properly aligned, they are saying such visits could prevent ear infections, help asthma, even calm your colicky baby.

    C-2 - Consumers are much more concerned with looking at other types of treatment that may not have been successful in the past.

    R - Dr. Deborah Kopansky-Giles says that while there are studies to prove its effectiveness in treating colic, she admits there isn't much evidence to show the adjustments help stop ear infections. According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, that's not good enough.

    MD - The evidence that we've looked at is not really there. That's why the Society feels uncomfortable recommending that for illnesses such as ear infections, that they should be taken to the chiropractor.

    C-2 - When you see the blanching of the fingernail, is really as much force as there is. So, again, it's very, very gentle. (She's again pushing on the newborns upper spine here. The baby is fully clothed and asleep.)

    R - When it comes to adjusting the kids' necks and backs, the Chiropractic Association says the motions are very subtle and don't hurt. But, in this Medical Journal (Hey, it's the Medical Post published by rival Rogers Communications), one doctor (Denis Leduc), with the Canadian Pediatric Society warns there should be no neck manipulations in babies and young adults because of the risk of stroke.

    MD - There are studies that are on-going, trying to look at whether a newborn or infant can be significantly hurt or damaged by it. And, of course it's a worry. I'd like to see some evidence to show it helps, and that it doesn't hurt.

    C-2 - There is not any evidence to say that it is unsafe to treat children. There are no studies that establish that it is unsafe for chiropractors to treat children.

    R - The Chiropractic College here on Bayview Avenue is just one of two in Canada. About 150 students graduate from here every year. Educators say that learning how to work with babies, and children is part of the four-year program. But, a study three years ago of 1200 Canadian chiropractors found that 71% of respondents received just informal training in pediatrics, by reading journals or by attending seminars, and that most wanted more training.

    So the bottom line here, as with any treatments, find out the facts first. FYI, Ontario is one of five Provinces that cover a portion of chiropractic care. And we have more on chiropractors and children on our web site - Canada.com.