#5 940 Murphy Rd (Wiltshire Plaza), Sarnia, ON N7S 5C4

About Our Office

What to expect when you come to our office?

  • When visiting our office we will take the time to talk to you about any specific problem or problems you have. If you wish to be checked for potential problems we will also address the preventative role chiropractic can play in your life.
  • We always start with a complete and thorough history taking process. This allows us to get to know you and your spine a little better. Following this we complete a full range of tests relating to your history to examine your spine. This allows us to rule in or out any potential concerns that may exist relating to your health and spine.
  • We back the examination with the use of our computerized thermal scanner to determine your posture and any existing areas of concern. That way you get see just what we're dealing with.
  • Following this process we take the time to compile all the information we have collected. Once doing so we will report to you the findings we have made and whether you are a chiropractic candidate. This is explained to you so that it is both simple and understandable.
  • If indeed, you are a chiropractic candidate we discuss a chiropractic adjustment schedule or treatment plan that is tailored to your case. This will allow us to deal with restoring you to optimal health.
  • During this process all questions are answered for you and any that aren't can be addressed by either calling us or by attending our weekly "Half Hour to Health" Talk. This is a 30 minute talk designed for you and your family to address chiropractic, you and your health. It is a very special and informative night.

At Needham Family Chiropractic we don't use any funny tools or tricks during this process. Our history and examination is complete, thorough and above all safe for you, your children and your family. At Needham Family Chiropractic our main concern is your health. WE TAKE THAT VERY SERIOUSLY!

Any of the recommendations made are ones that I would make for my own family. I take great pride in serving the community and educating them with regards to chiropractic and their health. Needham Family Chiropractic will go to great length to see that while under care we work effectively to achieve the end result "Optimal Health" for you and your family. If we feel we cannot address your situation I will take the proper measures to direct you to someone who can.