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    James Gregg - Waterloo chiropractor misinforms the public on CKGL Radio

    Date: January 26, 1999 Place: CKGL AM-570 Host: Neil Aitchison Subject: Pediatric chiropractic

    James Gregg appeared on the radio to tell the listeners that it's o.k. to treat infants and children with manual therapy for otitis media. Has he told the truth?

    Why, as a recent graduate of CMCC has he abandoned all scientific knowledge? Why does he oppose the accepted medical pediatric treatment for infectious disease, simple immunizations, and other aspects of preventive health, and replaced it with the innate intelligence thing?

    Do the patients he treats have a choice in the matter?

    Is his chiropractic knowledge based on what he paid for at the CMCC, or has he arisen about those roots, and obtained inspiration from pediatric chiropractors at hotel conferences at the Novatel, or elsewhere?

    Would you trust your newborn baby to someone with 30 hours worth of pediatric chiropractic taught at the CMCC, or 120 hours in marketing sessions held at a hotel?

    We are completing the entire transcript and will again make it available on our site. Take his statements and evaluate what he said very carefully. He brought the mother of two of his pediatric patients with him for testimonials.

    What he did was not only unethical, but may have been illegal as well. The show was hosted by Neil Aitchision, the afternoon host. CKGL has been 400% behind anyone practicing alternative medicine. Last year they had on someone who was trying to start a school in this area that teaches iridology. Not one word of challenge was uttered in that show.

    Prior to the show, I sent Neil about 50 pages or more of faxes concerning pediatric chiropractic. I never as much as received a phone call back from he or George Gordon, the station director.

    Some of his Gregg's claims were:

  • He adjusts infants and children under age 3 years old with his baby finger.
  • It's much less than acupressure. He wants to stimulate nerves, the body to make it straight.
  • His pressure with his baby finger helps the ears drain. That's what has been so successful in chiropractic.

    Asked about babies being born.

    "Abraham Tobin, an M.D. said that 7 our of 8 infant crib deaths have been attributed to what they have found in the neck, C-spine lesions or problems in the neck. A lot of it is attributable to birth trauma.

    For instance, it takes 90 pounds of pressure, pulling twisting and turning to actually cause severe trauma in the neck of a child. Whereas the regular birth is about 40 pounds of pressure. That's a lot of pulling."

    "You can imagine what it will do to a spine.The new traditional birth techniques that they are using, where the mother is in a reclined position, fighting against gravity, we have a lot of epidurals, and the muscles of the pelvic floor can't really help guide the child out like they used to. Whereas you see alot of mid-wives traditional birth methods, where they are upright, using gravity, no drugs involved. It's a more calm birth effect for the child coming out."

    "So there is a difference. While modern allopathic medicine is doing a great job in helping with emergency medicine and helping keep babies alive like we've never seen before, there is still some trauma happening during these procedures, and that's what we look afterwards."

    Ear infections:

    "What happens when we get ear infections in children, traditionally the approach is to pump them full of antibiotics, and to help them wait that out. The approach we take naturally is that when they come in to see us, we take a look at the two uppermost bones in the neck with very gentle pressure, we massage the lymphatics, and we do very light adjustments. That inturn helps the fluid drain through the eustachian tube and back into the lymphatics, and that helps the body heal itself.

    And there was a study in the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics in October last year, of 330 kids with chronic ear infections. And after a period of SIX MONTHS of regular chiropractic care, these children without antibiotics, without anything, never had another ear infection, in 80% of the cases. So that's a pretty significant finding."

    Mary Kay (patient's mother) when asked about whether her kids had ear infections started to tell about her kid's seizures:

    She was convinced that his seizures were helped because Gregg helped their immune system

    How does chiropractic effect immunity:

    Well now science is just catching up to what chiropractors have said for 100 years now. Basically is that a study in 1975 by Ronald Pero, a PhD, who found that chiropractic patients had 200% stronger immune system, than non-chiropractic patients.

    (The article that actually hangs on his door states that Pero is the chief of cancer prevention research at New York's Preventive Medicine Institute, and that he is a professor of medicine in Environmental Health at NYU, in New York City. On the door is an appeal to refer friends and family to Dr. Gregg for "Better Health Tomorrow". "The best thing, even when feeling 'awful' is to get adjusted to stimulate your immune system!", is a statement written boldly on the article.

    In a comment on an alternative medicine web page the following was noted about the original work: "A study conducted in 1975 by Ronald Pero, PhD, showed that individuals with spinal cord injuries were at a greater risk of developing cancer than those with no injuries. He theorized that the nervous system was responsible for regulating and sending messages between parts of the endocrine (glandular) system. So in 1986 he collaborated with Joseph Flesia, DC to measure immuno-competence in individuals who regularly saw a chiropractor and those who did not. The study did not take into consideration variations in diet, though Pero admitted that there was no research thus far that could account for the variance they discovered. And what a variance: people under chiropractic care had a 200% greater immuno-competence than others. [East-West, November 29, 1989])

    And what's happening now that Candace Pert, in the field of biochemistry, she has identified the microscopic particles that are floating in the blood system from the nerve system that are actually landing on the cells in the immune system telling them how to work.

    So now science is just proving that the nervous system is now directly involved in that. Where is your nervous system? It's in the SPINE. It is SO IMPORTANT to have that working properly, and the immune system follows along with it.

    Asked about adults with chronic ear infections:

    It's a similar process, but with adults they've had more time for "bone maturity", and some of their problems in their spines take a "little longer" to fix them than with children who respond quickly. But the same approach applies.

    Everyone has an inborn power inside to get healthy. You just have to tap into it.

    About the reluctance to take young kids to the chiropractor:

    Mary Kay answered that she "I can't believe that I'm here now doing this, because I think I was the biggest skeptic on the face of the earth.

    I truly believed your child should go for all his shots, should go to the doctor for everything, should take the antibiotics, and should have everything that the medical profession offers.

    I didn't realize that going to the chiropractor is part of the medical profession, and never gave it any kind of credance, until I started taking Carter and saw. Not only...the biggest thing that I noticed, and I think that Dr. Gregg would agree with me, for the first time that I started taking him, for the longest he was an angry, upset child. It was because our pediatrician said that "Can you imagine having migraines 24 hours a day, and feeling ill 24 hours a day?"

    And now he is the happiest kid going.

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