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    Spin Doctors Spin Doctors

    Canadians visit chiropractors about thirty million times a year, and surveys show that patients are generally satisfied with them. But Paul Benedetti and Wayne MacPhail have another opinion. This book is available from and you won't regret the purchase. Remember, the cost of the book is in Canadian dollars, so you really will save a whole lot.

    This is Sam Homola's latest book. What a relief to find a book that is an honest appraisal of how to treat the aches and pains of everyday living. If you are high on chiropractic, then this book should be on your shelf. Dr. Homola practiced for years as a chiropractor and his knowledge is based on those years of practice. Order it today

    The Naked Chiropractor exposes everything you need to know about back pain and the facts Chiropractors and Alternative Medical Practitioners prefer that you did not know. The inside story of the wars between unscrupulous practitioners and insurance companies. Behind the scenes stories about what's really going on at State chiropractic boards across the nation.

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    • See 200 or more patients per day - using Homeopathy to enhance a high volume chiropractic practice - An appropriate system is easy to integrate and effective in a high volume practice. Many successful chiropractors who use homeopathy see over 200 patients per day on a long term basis. Proper use of homeopathic formulas should actually increase patient volume. How is this possible? This chiropractor claims to enjoy clearing up anorexia and bulimia, breast cysts, infertility, menopause, feminine discharge, PMS, male disorders, bedwetting, colic, earaches, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, parasites, swollen tonsils, teething, digestive disorders, gout, arthritis, migraines, sinus and immune disorders, acne, asthma, bladder incontinence, colds and flu, fatigue syndromes, herpes, hypoglycemia, kidney and bladder complications, lung disorders, memory loss, motion sickness, chronic skin disorders, laryngitis, warts, obesity, anxiety, depression, and insomnia on a daily basis. (Step right up to what some might call the finest snake-oil salesman on this planet. Be the first on your billboard, or park bench to scam the insurance companies with fake diagnoses, and inappropriate treatments.)
    • Practice Revolution Program - designed by the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
    • B.E.S.T. - Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique - Bobby Unser's miracle thanks to chiropractor Sue Morler 
    • Tru-Health Enterprises says, "Negative emotions connected to memories and trapped in the  body are not conducive to health, and that is why we release them. As soon as the negative emotional event is released, immediately an edema occurs in the  area where the trapped emotions were. This can be seen on a CT-Scan! Once this occurs, a  polarity reversal takes place, and the cancer growth stops and healing begins. (B.E.S.T.    treatment facilitates or speeds up this phenomenon)
    • This chiropractor has a public relations firm to promote her practice - She's delivered care to celebretities such Mel Gibson, Kris Kristopherson, Lindsay Wagner, Mathew Modine, Phil Collins, Paula Abdul, Bryan Adams and Celine Dion. I wonder what services she might offer to Bill Clinton, should he decide to come to Sky Dome for a revival? 
    • The Rohlfsen Touch - Chad J. Rohlfsen, has perhaps one of the most bizarre, yet insightful web sites on the benefits of their profession. He also has links to Cigar Aficionado Magazine and California Wines. Just what I expected, a chiropractor who doesn't practice what he preaches. I wonder, Chad, what kind of crap is really inside your stogie, and in your wine? 
    • How Chiropractors Oversell Themselves: A Close Look at Practice-Building Techniques - Stephen Barrett, M.D.- Intensive selling of the spine begins in chiropractic school as instructors convey the scope and philosophy of chiropractic to their students. After graduation, chiropractors can get help from many practice-building consultants who offer seminars and ongoing management advice. Dr. Barrett has collected information about their offerings for more than 25 years.
    • ChiroVideos - Dr. Rettner's aids to build a large practice. From Chakras to ambulance chasing. this one's for you?
    • "Voodoo" Diagnosis - Have you been a victim of a "voodoo" diagnosis? - "If you don't have my surgery, your symptoms and pain will worsen; and if you go to a chiropractor, he'll paralyze you. Obviously, using fear tactics on patients in order to do surgery is highly unethical, although it's a very common practice."
    • Putting and End to 'Out-of-Scope' Gatekeepers - by John Huber, DC - Washington State Chiropractic Association - When insurance companies are found guilty of conspiring to discriminate against DCs, and MDs are sued for malpractice and charged with felonies for practicing chiropractic without a license, the "out-of-scope" gatekeeper system will end. (My my, John, what about chiropractors who do deliveries of newborns, and manipulate the skull in-utero. Do you want to pay the malpractice that Ob-gyns have to pay?) 
    • DO YOU SUFFER FROM ONE OF THESE EIGHT WARNING SIGNS? By Bruce Goldsmith - Do your patients ever discontinue their treatment program before achieving maximum benefit? Do the majority of your patients come in for adjustments while they leave their family at home with uncorrected subluxations? Do friends, family, and spouses sometimes undermine your prescribed schedule? Are you not getting all of the referrals you should? Do you look for excuses to avoid giving a Health Care Class? Are your Health Care Classes poorly attended? Are you letting other chiropractors do the mall screenings and industrial lectures in your community? Do you feel like you're talking until you're "blue in the face" and still they don't understand? 
    • CHIROPRACTIC PRODUCTS - Ready Reference Directory - Catalog of their wares and promotional items.
    • The Chiropractic Store - Confessions of a Chiropractic Claims Reviewer
    • HOW TO STOP PATIENTS FROM "FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS" - THE MOST COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS - by Alan B. Rousso D.C., C.C.S.P. - The Masters Practice Development Program 
    • Guaranteed Ads for chiropractors
    • Chiropractic as Dr. Tedd Koren sees it- Tedd has a knack for attracting attention. Most of his controversial web site has been taken down, especially the marketing tools section. 
    • Hawk your profession at a shopping mall and then fight it in court - Cuyahoga County Ohio. 
    • Local chiropractor charged with pretending to be policeman - Cincinnati Enquirer - "He was contacting (traffic) accident victims on the telephone and saying that he was a police officer who recommended Advanced Chiropractic -- his office -- for their chiropractic needs," Sgt. Dan Pratt, Hamilton police spokesman, said Wednesday.
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