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    Canadians visit chiropractors about thirty million times a year, and surveys show that patients are generally satisfied with them. But Paul Benedetti and Wayne MacPhail have another opinion. This book is available from and you won't regret the purchase. Remember, the cost of the book is in Canadian dollars, so you really will save a whole lot.

    This is Sam Homola's latest book. What a relief to find a book that is an honest appraisal of how to treat the aches and pains of everyday living. If you are high on chiropractic, then this book should be on your shelf. Dr. Homola practiced for years as a chiropractor and his knowledge is based on those years of practice. Order it today

    The Naked Chiropractor exposes everything you need to know about back pain and the facts Chiropractors and Alternative Medical Practitioners prefer that you did not know. The inside story of the wars between unscrupulous practitioners and insurance companies. Behind the scenes stories about what's really going on at State chiropractic boards across the nation.

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    Chiropractors - outside North America

    • Irish Chiropractic Association calls for register - In Ireland there are only 54 chiropractors and they are not regulated by anyone. (Why not? Well for instance their spokesperson said that chiropractic is more effective for low back pain than medical treatment. We beg to differ, and so should you.)
    • Irish consumers beware - Anyone may put a plaque on the wall and declare themselves a complementary health practitioner. There are no official regulations and no plans by the Department of Health to introduce any. It is simply a case of consumer beware.
    • Chiropractic is illegal in France -
    • The Australian Medical Association president, Dr Keith Woolard, said: "We're not out to stop anyone investing their money in going to a chiropractor or naturopath, or whatever, as long as they're safe, but we certainly don't think there should be any government funding for such therapies until there's clear and strong evidence of benefit."
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