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  • The $50 million dollar question: - What is really behind York University plan to swallow up the CMCC?
  • Masters of Manipulation - The muzzling of a chiropractor shows the First Amendment is no match for the Federal Trade Commission. - By Brian Doherty. Tedd Koren says it's wrong to make double-blind clinical trials the ultimate test, whether for chiropractic or for standard medicine.
  • Chirobase - A Skeptical Guide to Chiropractic History, Theories, and Current Practices - Stephen Barrett, M.D., William Jarvis, PhD, and Charles E. DuVall Jr., D.C.-
  • Spinal Manipulation in the Treatment of Episodic Tension-Type Headache - A Randomized Controlled Trial - J.A.M.A. - November 11, 1998 - Geoffrey Bove, DC, PhD; Niels Nilsson, DC, MD, PhD
  • Entire J.A.M.A. issue on Alternative Medicine - November 11, 1998: Alternative Medicine Theme Issue
    • Edited by Phil B. Fontanarosa, MD, and George D. Lundberg, MD
    • One year ago, the editors of JAMA and the AMA Archives Journals selected alternative medicine as the topic for their annual coordinated theme issues. This month, these 10 journals present more than 80 articles on a wide range of topics in alternative medicine. This link may change when new issue is out, we will try to update it. When those links are established we will link to the table of contents for the issue
    • Alternative choices What it means to use nonconventional medical therapy - A patient's page

    British Medical Journal

    • Chiropractic treatment is of limited benefit - Scott Gottlieb, New York - October 17, 1998 - Challenging the main reason that people decide to go to chiropractors, new research shows that spinal manipulations ease back pain no better than specialised physiotherapy and only slightly better than doing nothing at all. (You can also see the responses to this article from around the world)
    • Chiropractic for low back pain - Editorial October 17, 1998 - We don't know whether it does more good than harm. Does chiropractic save money for healthcare systems? There are few conclusive economic evaluations, but most of the rigorous studies do not suggest that chiropractic saves money. (So why does the government pay for chiropractic manipulation of any kind?)

    Does it work at all?

    • Does chiropractic work at all? - recent studies don't exactly validate any chiropractic claim. So why are the Blues so happy to offer 25% discounts to tens of thousands of chiropractors in the U.S.?

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