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    E-mail neck911

    Chiropractic neck manipulation has been linked to the deaths of a number of young adults in Canada. If you or someone you know has been injured, or may have died of a stroke following a treatment by a chiropractor, we can help you.

    neck is an e-mail address.

    It is not an internet site.

    Information is provided on an individual basis, and is shared by a group of individual citizens, family physicians, several medical specialties including neurologists and neuro-radiologists, orthopedics specialists, etc. Also consulted for advice are physiotherapists, chiropractors, legal experts, expert court witnesses, and coroner's offices amongst others.

    Each letter is treated in confidence as with any medial record or legal file. No information is shared with others without the permission of the sender.

    The purpose of is to provide scientific and legal information for those citizens who feel they have been injured following upper cervical neck manipulation. Although almost all such manipulation occurs from chiropractic, cases involving physiotherapists or physicians are equally important.

    • will upon request suggest appropriate medical diagnosis and follow-up for cases in which a complete diagnostic evaluation may not have been done.

    • will upon request refer cases to legal counsel experienced in upper cervical neck manipulation malpractice.

    • is a voluntary non-profit group of individuals.

    • We will review without charge any medical records, legal Statements of Claim and other documents sent to us. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be replied to.

    If this information is of interest to you, please respond further.

    E-mail neck911 - Just click here to see if we can help.