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    Parker Graduate

    • This Ontario based chiropractic clinic boasts a link to Parker Chiropractic College, which at the time of this writing, April 21, 2000 is a "not quite ready for prime time web site" to buy all things chiro. It was supposed to be ready by March, 2000. They prominently feature pediatric stuff. It's called, believe it or not, Parker Products.
    • In the VIII Trimester you are lucky enough to be indoctrinated into the fine points of pediatrics/geriatrics (I don't quite know how this course functions - 45 hours), Applied Kinesiology (100% snake oil and quackery - 60 hours), and of course more Philosophy - 15 hours.
    • A profile of Canadian Chiropractors on the Parker Chiropractic web site reveals something quite startling: The average Canadian chiropractor works 41 hours per week and sees 92 different patients. That's 2.24 new patients per hour. This doesn't tell the whole story, some of these patients are seen more than once a week so that the average patient load is 158 per week, or 3.8 patients per hour. How the hell are they going to pay off their loans in U.S. dollars working in Canada seeing only 3.8 patients per hour? Can they charge OHIP for Applied Kinesiology evaluations? What about philolsophical discussions?

      Is this the picture of chiropractic health? These figures are from 1995-96

    • When asked how many could be busier, 71% answered with a resounding YES.
    • One out of four chiropractic grads felt that there were too many of their fellow practitioners in their own community.
    • Nearly 34% of them reported a decrease in patient flow over the last 3 years. Some Canadian chiropractors have noticed up to a 75% reduction in patient visits.
    • Nearly one in five practiced pediatric chiropractics in their office.
    • Nearly 2% of their practices were limited to only cervical manipulation.
    • 58% of their patients came from other patients. Only 5.8% came from medical doctors.
    • Parker Canadian chiropractic Club
    • The CCA visits Dallas and tells Parker students that - there is a crying need for more chiropractors, despite evidence that the CCA's own study showed that most chiropractors said there were too many chiropractors in Canada. They said that they were making sure that there was a big demand for chiro services through a news blitz.

    Chiropractic Education in the U.S.

    • Why are the standards so much lower in the U.S.? - their GPA is only 2.38, compared to medical school which is 3.16.
    • Why has there been an enormous increase in U.S. graduates in the last 10 years?
    • If they spend only 2% of their time in a four year program in pediatrics/geriatrics, why do nearly 20% of them see infants and children regularly when they graduate? Where did they learn this?

    Who owns the www.familychiropractic.org web page?

    The registration link is here:

             1521 UPPER OTTAWA ST. UNIT 8
             HAMILTON, ON L8W 3J4 
             Registrar: NameSecure.com
             DomainName: FAMILYCHIROPRACTIC.ORG
             Created on: 1999-09-20
             Expires on: 2001-09-20
             Administrative Contact:
             1521 UPPER OTTAWA ST. UNIT 8
             HAMILTON, ON L8W 3J4 
             Phone: (905) 318-0736
             EMail: familychiropractic@hotmail.com
             Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
             Address: PO BOX 127
             Moraga, CA 94556
             Phone: 925-377-1212
             E-mail: techcontact@namesecure.com
             Name Servers:

    You will note that the name of the person is not given, only the clinic's name.

    The Family Chiropractic Website

    The site is full of all sorts of goodies about chiropractic theories, with a goodly smattering of pediatrics, and lots of family pictures that look vaguely familiar.

    Here's a good onee:

    "Family Chiropractic would like to thank Dr. Tedd Koren
    for providing and inspiring much of the
    information on this site."

    It's obvious to me that he must have been mesmerized by Koren's teachings, or been dealt a hand with only the Queen of Hearts to look at for all those years he played cards down in Texas. Maybe Koren has moved his operations across the border.

  • Check on a pro-chiro web site to see it from their perspective.
  • When you click on any links from his own home page, you connect with an administrative site in California

    Among those links you will of course find all the normal ones that Tedd Koren and the other pediatric chiros love.

    How about this one, a fine example of the delusion that is pediatric chiropractic:

    International Chiropractors Association - where you can find textbooks on chiropractic and pregnancy, pediatrics, anti-vax, and videos to make your head spin.

    But guess what, it also links to a site owned and operated by AMWAY. There are also several unusual business sites as well. I can't figure out if the owner of the web site or the clinic is actually directly linked. All they give is a number.

    The pediatric pages are there for all to see, but don't start foaming at the mouth. These are for educational purposes only. They are not meant to be for medical care.

    CAC for the life of the pediatric chiropractic party - Call them

    If the cognitive abilities of your brain is like mush, you will love the CAC.

    It seems that Winchester, Whitney, Gregg and others have fine-tuned their abilities to communicate with the masses of people out there that just don't trust their doctor anymore. In order to allay their fears that they don't wake up in the morning and comb their hair to cover their horns, this wonderful source of highly educated healthcare professionals start off with a simple statement:

    "C.A.C. Doctors are licensed by the College of Chiropractors of Ontario"

    Now doesn't that make you feel better. I sure as hell wouldn't want a non-licensed chiropractor playing around with my sacro-iliac, would you?

    Just in case you're wondering and feel better protcted, their web site is sponsored by the Walter Roberts Insurance agency. They are the official Insurance brokers for CAC.
    (What exactly do they insure? Their offices, their malpractice, their publications?)

    Their CAC site doesn't say that their members have good bedside manners, that they all sleep facing with their head pointed North to ward off evil deadly forces of medical magnetism. They don't exactly say that that they will rid the world of doctor loving right wing fascist pediatricians who want to destroy the world by using immunizations to fill babies full of monkey pus.

    So for those of you with opened minds, I think you might like to see for yourself. Here it is for what it's worth: www.cac4life.com

    Hey, if you still need to be reassured, don't take my word for it, just e-mail Bruce Walton at


    Better yet, fax him at Fax: (519-766-9618)

    Here's the list of CAC members according to their web site on Feb 22, 2000:

    Dr. Gordon Burkholder, Cambridge
    Dr. Darrell Dailey, Brantford
    Dr. Mark Fuollong, Orangeville
    Dr. James Gregg, Waterloo
    Dr. James Kaminski, Fergus
    Dr. Mark Mitchell, Cambridge
    Dr. Alan O'Connor, Ayr
    Dr. William Werner, Hagersville
    Dr. Bruce Walton, Guelph
    Dr. Michelle Whitney, Guelph - Chairperson
    Dr. Rebecca Whitney, Guelph
    Dr. Jeffrey Winchester, Waterloo
    Among these members are folks who picketed Bluevale Collegiate during a meningtitis epidemic, hung signs on their lawns, appeared on TV and radio, wrote letters to the editor telling people that vaccines were not needed. They also hand out anti-vaccine propaganda in their offices. Even after complaints were filed with the Chiropractic College of Ontario, it took over one year before anyone in the chiropractic hierarchy spoke out in public.

    The same old same old continued in this region for over a year. Spurred on by yet another letter to the editor by Winchester about another vaccine, the chiropractic community in KW finally woke up, at least publicly.

    I've been told that many members of the chiropractic community were so upset at Winchester and the others that they drafted official complaints to the CCO. The Ontario Chiropractic Association has no jurisdiction over rogue chiropractors, dog chiropractors, or doctor bashing chiros. They have zero control over the CAC. This resulted in a grand total of three letters that appeared in the K-W Record in direct response to Dr. Jeff's public comments. Two were written by recent graduates of CMCC who finally objected to his position, and one was written by the president of the local Chiropractic Society. Note the order in which they appeared:

  • Vincent Leering - Jan 28, 1999
  • Darryl Sherman - Jan 4, 1999
  • Dr. Robert C. Miller - Feb 4, 1999
  • Some have written vile and unprofessional personal attacks against me and others in the medical community that I have thus far refused to post on my web site www.chirowatch.com

    The organization is now out in the open, so anyone is free to comment to them, to the Ontario Chiropractic Association, and to the College of Chiropractors of Ontario.

    You can find all of those links on the chirowatch.com web site.

    Don't forget, their site has the following seals of approval:


    If anyone who lives in areas served by the members of CAC would pick up literature, call their office, and see what they say about pediatric care, let us all know by e-mailing us at: CAC Alert