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Low Back Problems

Statistics prove that 80% of people will at some point in their life suffer from disabling low back pain. A cost of $50 billion per year adds up in lost work, compensation payments and medical bills. Studies have shown that chiropractic is more effective and cost-effective than medical care with the results being long term.

Chiropractic helps millions of back sufferers with pain and disability preventing the use of drugs and surgery. Such care results in a life of ease and health as opposed to pain and disability.
Government studies have been funded in both the U.S. and Canada concluding what chiropractic patients have been saying for years. You'll get better faster from chiropractic than from drugs and surgery.

The U.S. government found in 1994 that chiropractic is the most effective methods of care for acute adult low back pain. They also revealed that extended bed rest was harmful and that muscle relaxers and surgery can be unnecessary and even dangerous. In Canada, a 1993 study was funded by the government of Ontario, concluding that chiropractic care for those with low back pain was far superior to medicine in terms of safety, science and cost-effectiveness. And above all the finding revealed superiority in the area of patient satisfaction.

The facts also prove that chiropractic relieves chronic, severe pain in half the time it takes medicine. Numerous studies prove chiropractic is both effective and cost-effective for low back, neck and mid back complaints within the first month of symptoms.

Why is chiropractic the overwhelming favorite? Scientific studies have shown numerous times that painkillers, muscle relaxers, braces, physical therapy and surgery are not capable of correcting vertebral subluxations. However, chiropractic is.