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Sports and Chiropractic

Many high profile athletes are making use of chiropractic. Athletes such as baseball's Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, boxing's Evander Holyfield, Tennis stars Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe, Football's Ken Norton and John Elway and even 4-time gold medalist Olympians like swimmer Misty Hyman. Teams like the Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Redskins, Toronto Raptors and many university and college teams across Canada and the U.S. have team chiropractors.

Can chiropractic give an athlete the added edge to rise to the top? Just ask one of the many profesional and amateur athletes that might not be competing without having routine chiropractic checkups and adjustments. Mark McGwire hit 70 plus homeruns in a season, Joe Montana was one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Martina Navratilova became known as the greatest female tennis star ever.

Has chiropractic given them the edge? Maybe that's why 75% of the San Francisco 49er's receive chiropractic care the same day they play a big game. Maybe that's why Misty Hyman won 4 gold medals in Australia in the pool. Maybe that's why Curtis Strange won 2 U.S. Opens. Maybe that's why you should ask us at Needham Family Chiropractic what we can do for your inner athlete.

The physical stress and strain of sports can misalign vertebra within the spine causing subluxations. A slip, fall or blow to the head, feet, hands, shoulders, legs and the rest of the body travels through the body's core leading to misalignments of the spine. So regardless of whether one is injured a chiropractic checkup is a must to prevent future problems and injuries. Chiropractic should be used in conjunction with medical staff and other team members.

Due to the trauma of sport it's important to note that an injury requiring medical attention may also involve chiropractic. This is why professional and amateur teams have carefully chosen the members of their medical teams from a diversity of professions including chiropractic. Most teams understand chiropractic and it's awesome power. Most teams are made up of chiropractors, medical doctor's, surgeons, physical therapists, pyschologists, massage therapists, trainors, dentist's, optometrists and strength and conditioning coaches. These teams understand the importance each profession plays in preserving and nursing their players health to guarantee optimal performance.

As Joe Montana, the 49'ers superstar quarterback stated, "I only wish I had tried chiropractic care a few years sooner when I first started having back problems and maybe this surgery would never have happened." The surgery he is referring to is the one that ended his illustrious career as a football player. Don't make the same mistake Joe made! Keep your spine in order so you can compete for a lifetime.