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Ear Infections

Few occasions make parents feel as helpless as when their child is suffering from an ear infection. More specifically known as otitis media, ear infections are the most common childhood health complaint. An earache usually results when the tube connecting the middle ear with the throat becomes irritated and inflamed. This occurrence leads to poor drainage and fluids collect behind the ear creating a painful pressure on the sensitive tissue and structures within the ear canal.

An all too common approach to this complaint is the use of oral antibiotics. Of late, the all too often used approach has come under scrutiny for it's inconsistent effects and overuse. Most parent encountering an ear infection will attest to the ineffective use of amoxicillin and other antibiotics that actually have been proven to prolong the problem and increase the reoccurrence rate.

If the use of antibiotics fails another approach is used to improve the situation. This drastic technique involves surgically cutting a hole in the eardrum, implanting a small tube to drain the fluid collection. Not only does this put the child at risk of adverse reaction to anesthesia, the effects are temporary, scar tissue forms in the middle ear, increasing the likelihood for future infections to take place. In summary, most parents will attest to the fact that the procedure does not address the cause of the problem.

What can you do? More and more parents have started to realize the importance of chiropractic checkups for their children. Chiropractors examine and evaluate the spine as it relates to the nerve supply to the ears. Chiropractic adjustments may aid in restoring lost function of the nervous system that can be damaged via falls, the birth process and other spinal stresses. Chiropractic does not involve the actual treatment of earaches or infection. However, it can revive the body's own inborn healing ability naturally- without the dangerous use of drugs. Usually, that is all the body requires.