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The decision to vaccinate goes well beyond the foreign substances being put into your child's body. Societal pressure, government, drug companies, schools and even friends and family cloud the issue with coercion, misinformation and fear. The realization is that there is little proof that vaccines work. Pharmaceutical companies link the decline of certain diseases with the use of vaccines. Yet, they ignore the improved sanitation, nutrition and hygiene that vaccinated populations have enjoyed as widespread immunization was introduced. Ask yourself, if immunization worked, why do vaccinated children still get the measles and other diseases that they do?

You have to weigh the risk and rewards. Vaccines are dangerous. It's hard to predict how anyone, especially an infant will react when injected with serums made from barnyard animal blood, cultured monkey tissue, aluminum and formaldehyde. Reactions can range from disease itself, to disability and even death.

What is really in a vaccine?

To manufacture a vaccine, the disease must be grown in culture and the bacteria or virus must be killed or inactivated. Then the substance remaining must be chemically preserved. How is this done? Manufacturers admit vaccines are highly toxic and cannot be made safe. So, why then do labels appear on cigarettes and alcohol labels warning of dangers, but not vaccines? Why are cars or toys recalled for fear of flaws causing future accidents and death, but not vaccines? Why must all accidents be on record and a double standard exist for vaccines? It boils down to lack of education of the consumer and consumer confidence.

Vaccines contain killed or diluted infectious organisms that are preserved in toxins. Animal parts of pigs and horse blood, chicken embryos, duck eggs, dog kidney tissue, monkey kidney tissue and other decomposing proteins. Here lies the risk of not only transferring animal viruses to humans but also the risk of poisoning humans with animal/foreign proteins that are poisonous. A protein entering the body by any means other than the digestive tract is extremely poisonous to humans. This is why many issues arise when talking about vaccines and there effects. Topics range from causation of autism (due to the measles vaccine), food allergies (due to foreign materials), general allergies (due to egg/embryo cultures), poisons/toxins (due to formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury etc. used to preserve the culture) and cruelty to animals.

Here are the vaccine ingredients: These are added to vaccines to boost the antibody response to the foreign substance, to act as a preservative and time release agent.

Phenol: carbolic acid, a deadly poison.
Formaldehyde: a known cancer -causing agent commonly used to embalm corpses.
Thimerosal: a mercury derivative, a toxic heavy metal that is not easily eliminated from the body. Studies prove its 4-6 times more toxic than staphylococci germs.
Alum: a preservative
Aluminum phosphate: used in deodorants. Studies prove that they are neurotoxic.
Aluminum and oil adjuvants: cancer causing in lab mice. Side-effects are arthritis and cysts.
Acetone: a solvent used in fingernail polish remover. Very volatile.
Glycerin: a tri-atomic alcohol extracted from natural fats which are putrefied and decomposed. Some toxic effects of glycerine are kidney, liver, lung damage, diuresis, pronounced local tissue damage, gastrointestinal damage and death.

So why inject people with known cancer causing agents, hazardous waste, inks, dyes, wrinkle proof fabrics, insulation products, embalming fluid. How could this help an infants delicate immune system, one that has barely had a chance to mature and protect the body. The vaccine formula is no doubt toxic, unstable and unreliable. The question of whether it works or not, over whether its safe or not almost seems to be a worthless debate once you examine what goes into a vaccine. The fact that an infant can survive inoculation is a powerful testament to the very immune system that is tampered with by the vaccines toxins.

At Needham Family Chiropractic we are not promoting the anti-vaccination of the community's children. We don't have a stance on the issue of vaccines other than to point out the potential dangers that exist with their use. This is information we feel is important and that you deserve to know. Information that you do not receive when you talk to family, friends, schools, doctors, governments and pharmaceutical companies. Information you deserve to know.

Before you agree to vaccinate your child, get the facts. Please read books. Ask question. Explore options. Maximize your child's natural immunity by breastfeeding, proper diet, rest, exercise and chiropractic checkups to ensure the nervous system is functioning optimally. Above all empower yourself with knowledge to make an informed choice while you still can.-