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True Health

The key to having true health is having every organ and system in your body functioning at 100% of it's ability. This enables these delicate yet complex structures to function they way they were designed to. Health unfortunately has nothing to do with how your feeling or whether signs or symptoms exist. Many of the Canadians who suffer or die as a result of heart attacks or cancer never knew what hit them. They had a serious problem that existed, becoming very dangerous and then irreversible long before their first symptom appeared.

True health also does not come in a pill bottle either. Prescription drugs for pain are designed to tell your brain that the area of your complaint does not hurt. For example, if you hurt your arm and you take an ibuprofen, it tells your brain that your arm does not hurt anymore. However, what drugs do not do is improve the situation or facilitate healing. They simply do not solve any problems. They just mask problems that exist in your body. This is a dangerous deal, as many drugs contain toxic and synthetic substances that damage certain areas of the body and organs and create adverse side effects. Now would it seem right to put something into your body that was synthetic or toxic or causes serious consequences to achieve health?

True health involves the body's own inner healing ability. The body cools itself down when hot, fights a virus when present, induces a fever to fight infection, heals cut skin and tissue, it digests food, it breathes and it tells you when something is not quite right. This is all controlled by the Nervous System. Do you honestly think a complex,yet remarkable creation like the human body was designed for failure? No, certainly not the way pharmaceutical ads would make you believe. When interference exists to the nervous system, or complex circuit board controlling all of the above nerve impulses, symptoms may result. The signs or symptoms are simply a warning sign that something is not right.

Chiropractic's approach to true health is to detect, prevent, locate and correct any area of the spine and nervous system that has lost it's proper function or location. As a result, this deals with the function of organs, tissues, muscles, ligaments, tendons and systems of your body. Moving spinal bones that impinge, impair and irritate the spinal cord and spinal nerves is the role of the chiropractor. The correction of these subluxations is the sole focus of chiropractic care. True health is about how you are healing, not how your feeling!