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Common Questions About Chiropractic

What causes that "Popping" Sound?

Some chiropractic adjusting techniques cause an audible noise that people refer to as the pop or crack. It is not a cracking or popping of bones. Chiropractors do not crack people bones. They adjust vertebra of the spine. This sound is actually created by a vacuum effect within the spinal joint due to the equalization of gases. The equalization of gases and pressure as a result creates this noise.

Is it bad to Adjust your own neck or back?

Due to the stress and tension of a subluxated vertebra, areas of the spine begin to compensate. This creates a secondary response in the muscles of your body. They get tight as the vertebra become irritated. Sometimes with turning your head or back you will hear a pop or crack as a result. It is not the problematic area that is adjusting. It is the area of compensation, far from the site of the problem. Too much of this indicates that vertebra have moved out of alignment and needs to be replaced. If not replaced serious problems can arise due to the misalignment and your own self adjusting. That urge to adjust yourself will remain as long as the subluxation exists and compensation takes place. Once corrected the chiropractor can aid in balancing the entire spine to prevent further complication and recurrences. Unfortunately, you are not trained to adjust, so let a chiropractor do it.

How do I know if I have a subluxation?

Like a dental cavity, a subluxation can be silent. A process can take place for a long duration before symptoms are displayed. However, sometimes the signs and symptoms are all to clear that a problem is evident. This is why periodic checkups are so very important. Prevention is the key to avoiding future problems. Getting to a problem before symptoms takes place is a much better alternative. It's a good idea to have a spinal checkup.

Who should see a chiropractor?

Anyone and everyone! Chiropractic care is not limited to anyone. It's important for newborns, infants/toddlers, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, elderly, athletes, pregnant women, injured workers, laborers, professionals, people from any occupation and walk of life. Birth can be traumatic for both the baby and mother. Pregnancy creates physical changes to the body. Slips and falls of a child learning to walk can change their posture for life. Elderly people endure age related postural changes. Athletes experience injury, stress and strain of their activity. People at work do repetitive tasks all day, everyday creating repetitive strain, which alters their body's and posture. These are just some of the many people who need to see a chiropractor. Anyone can be subjected to the dangers of subluxation via their work, their play or their general life. So everyone should be checked.

I hear chiropractic is a constant process. Do you ever stop care?

I'd like to say yes, but Needham Family Chiropractic believes in making chiropractic a lifestyle choice. Just the same as exercise and diet can be to prevent future health problems. Chiropractic care should be used to prevent future problems involving the spine and nervous system. Periodic checks makes this a reality, just as a visit to the dentist or optometrist. So why would you stop?

What if I go just once?

Then we applaud you! At least you have taken the measures to inquire about an entity that could be so important in your life. Visit Needham Family Chiropractic, even just once and we will answer any question you have regarding chiropractic and your health.

What about not going?

Well, if subluxation exist, the body continues to adapt in many ways. This eventually creates undue stress on the spinal nerves impairing optimal function of your nervous system and related areas. If not eliminated these problems will continue to stress the body and deprive you of adequate health. Eventually, you will break down and your overall health will suffer. The signs and symptoms will be so unbearable you will have to seek help. However, at this phase it takes twice as long to relieve the symptoms and even longer to actually correct the problem. A problem that could have been prevented in the first place. Please do not suffer.